Entertainment Industry now Deemed "Essential" and Exempt from Gavin Newsom's Curfew

Deadline reports that entertainment industry production and personnel are exempt from Newsom’s new set of COVID-19 curfews because they are now considered “essential”.


“But Newsom’s office told Deadline on Thursday that the order (read it here) did not apply to entertainment industry workers, who are on the list of essential workers and thus an exception to the rule.”

Looking at the guidelines, they are indeed now listed under, Sector 13: “Workers supporting the entertainment industries, studios, and other related establishments, provided they follow covid-19 public health guidance around physical distancing.”

After being shut down in March with the first wave of California COVID lockdowns, the entertainment industry slowly ramped up production again starting in June. California Labor Unions, like SAG-AFTRA came up with a 22-page document of protocols for safety and protection for actors, production crew, and staff. Additionally, a COVID-19 compliance officer is now required on every set.

Deadline pats itself on the back saying that,

“Their addition to the list speaks to the success and strong protocols on set since then. The document was last updated September 22.”

Perhaps. Since there is no real tracking or science being used to gauge any of this, it’s hard to say. Cases are surging in Los Angeles County, where a good majority of California production is done. But, no one knows (or is not being honest) about where the surge in the County is happening or what is causing it.


Instead, health officials and our French Laundry Governor create arbitrary rules and guidelines to make it look as though they are showing leadership (that ship has sailed), while disrupting the lives of everyday Californians who are simply trying to survive.

I despise the term “essential” worker. Everyone doing work is essential, and this parsing up of terms of who can work and who cannot is too closely aligned with the Jewish labor protocols in Nazi Germany.

With that said, Fuehrer Newsom and his uselessness, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti knew that they had screwed the pooch when they throttled a key sector of the California economy with the last set of lockdowns. As Red entertainment states, like Georgia, ramped up their economy, they began to see an exodus of people who just wanted to work and decided to go where the work was. Thanks to Tyler Perry and others, Atlanta is now an entertainment industry hub, so those entertainment friends who have the ability to be mobile have answered the siren song (and dollars) in the South. Sucks to be Blue, Gavin.


This is also a mere cosmetic gesture. Even during a normal year, entertainment production winds down considerably after Thanksgiving, and pretty much shutters a week or so before Christmas through mid-January. So it would have been foolish, not to mention costly, of Newsom to suddenly cease this work.

As is typical of Governor Hair-Gel, it’s about how he looks, not about what is best for the citizens of California.



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