2018 Déjà vu? Possible Voter Fraud in Orange County

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Many of us in Southern California watched in 2018 as the wins and leads of Republican Congressional Candidate Young Kim (39th District), incumbent Representative Dana Rohrabacher (48th District), and incumbent Representative Mimi Walters (45th District) disappeared, contributing to the Republican’s loss of the House. Many in the party blamed legal (at least in California) ballot harvesting for this. Now that Republicans have decided to use this voter collection method, Democrats are using other tactics.


My friend Andi lives in Huntington Beach, which, by her description, is a major Trump stronghold. If you paid attention to the car parades and rallies in Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, a Trump stronghold is a thing, even in progressive California.

Andi referred me to three sketchy instances that could indicate that dirty tricks are afoot. One of her male friends went to the ballot drop box near the Huntington Beach Library, and discovered this:

Oversight by the poll worker? Could be. But this is California, and many in the County are anxious to see Rep. Harley Rouda (D-48) gone. His opponent Michelle Steel is giving him a run for the Democrat party’s money, so the district could well flip back to Red—that is, if no one cheats.

This is California, sadly, and cheating is almost a guarantee.

The man wisely messaged State Senator Melissa Melendez (R-28) with the pictures and this message.

“Went to the ballot box this morning in Huntington Beach, CA and found this…seriously, no joke. I took pics and turned them in to the adjacent voting center (library).”



Senator Melendez will take the proper action. The same cannot be said for her Democrat colleagues.


Since Governor Gavin Newsom announced he would send vote-by-Mail ballots to all registered California voters, there have been many reports of duplicate vote-by-Mail ballots sent to households, as well as ballots for people who are no longer in the state, and those who are deceased.

Rebecca was the lucky recipient of more than one ballot. As she said, at least she is honest.

While Andi is politically active and has seen a lot of shenanigans in the state, this election has her rattled.

“I don’t feel confident as a voter now,” she said. “It’s shaken my faith in California’s system, especially with the Prop wording.”

The controversial Proposition 22 is also on the ballot. Attorney General Xavier Becerra has made it an art form to deceptively word propositions that do not benefit his union overlords.

Lastly, Brandi lost her husband two years ago from cancer, and is doing all she can to earn a living and take care of her two children. To add more to her plate, Brandi received a vote-by-Mail ballot for her deceased husband as well as for herself. When she chose to vote in person, she was told that someone had already voted under her name!


When Brandi went to the vote center to report this, she was told she could vote by provisional ballot. However, she was told that unless she disclosed which candidates and/or party she was voting for, the ballot would not be accepted.

“When I went to the man he then told me the computer wouldn’t recognize the vote unless I filled out who or which party I was voting for, and obviously I thought it was strange, because it was on the outside of the envelope,” Brandi said. “He then told me that I couldn’t do a provisional ballot unless I put down who I was voting for; it just seems odd to me. But, I was grateful to be able to vote in person as my husband always wanted me to do. I decided to go ahead and just do it.”

Our perspicacious managing editor Jennifer Van Laar knows how the polls work, and she let me know that this is not standard procedure. It’s probably not in any procedure book.


Brandi has reported this to the California Secretary of State, and has friends in the local Republican chapters who have also been made aware.

“I was shocked to receive the mail in ballots for my deceased husband since that was over two years ago, she said. “I had always heard that voter fraud is real, but never knew anyone that it happened to. I am trying to provide for my kids, be a homeschool mom, and I am just devastated about this.

I feel like I was raped of my vote.


These are only three stories. How many others in the entire state have experienced such things, and not reported them?

We need to bring integrity back into our electoral process.







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