Hundreds of Thousands of Questionable Ballots Sent To 'Voters' in California -- They May Be Cast and Turned in by Ballot Harvesters

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

CBS2 News in Los Angeles had this story yesterday about the ridiculous situation in California where there were seemingly no controls on the manner in which actual mail-in ballots were sent to “registered” voters in California.


The core basis of the problem stems from the fact that California seems to do nothing to maintain or safeguard the accuracy of voter rolls throughout the state.  The voter rolls include people who have been dead a decade or more.

Voters who move and re-register at a new address can end up with two active registrations with the Secretary of State — one for their new address and one for their old address which is not updated or removed.

Another example of how someone ends up with two ballots — two slight variations in the address which nevertheless end up with two ballots delivered to one location.

Tommy Robinson received “two” ballots in the mail addressed to him – one to his address on Wilshire at [“Apt. B406”], the other using the [“#B406”.] He could have voted with either. Or even both! But didn’t.

“That was my initial thought when I looked at the two ballots side by side, I said, ‘Gee what are the implications?’ once I realized it wasn’t my neighbors ballot I got in the mail,” he said.

As Southern Californians have started voting in person and by mail we found he’s not alone.

Ellen Swensen with the Election Integrity Project California says they found more than 277,000 questionable ballots were mailed this election year in L.A. County.

That’s 63% of all the questionable ballots mailed statewide.

It includes more than 4,800 duplicate ballots mailed to the same person, and 728 ballots mailed to people who likely have died.


Bear in mind that the Election Integrity Project has IDENTIFIED 4800 duplicate ballots mailed to the same person — not that only 4800 duplicate ballots have been mailed to the same person.  The actual number is unknowable without a complete forensic examination of voter rolls and addresses listed for registered voters.  You know — something that maybe should have been done before California decided to carpet-bomb the whole state with vote-by-mail ballots.

Because California allows unrestricted ballot harvesting, with no requirement that there be a traceable line of custody between the “voter” who cast the ballot and the “harvester” who turned in the ballot, establishing that duplicate ballots were, in fact, cast by the same person is practically impossible in the immediate aftermath of an election — especially when it is conceivable that the number of such ballots in a county like Los Angeles could reach into the thousands.

The Democrat party has made an entire campaign out of the question of whether adherence to state election laws as written results in some number of voters being “disenfranchised” because they find it impossible in the end to cast their ballot by the acceptable methods and in the time frame adopted by state statutes.  “All votes should be counted” is the “North Star” that guides every effort they make.

The idea of trying to make the process of voting more “convenient” seems laudatory on its face.  But the indisputable fact is that every illegally cast ballot actually DISENFRANCHISES a voter who timely and accurately cast a ballot for the opposing candidate. That such efforts lead to hundreds of thousands of likely improper ballots circulating in the population, able to be cast and counted unless some “fail-safe” mechanism manages to interdict them, damages the integrity of the electoral process in much greater fashion than does a requirement that people vote on time and in accordance with the procedures adopted by their elected state representatives.


A voter disenfranchised by his or her inability to follow the law as written in casting their ballot has only themselves to blame.

A voter disenfranchised by an illegally cast ballot which cancels out the impact of his/her legally cast ballot is faultless — yet is disenfranchised just the same.  Shouldn’t the country take seriously the “loss” to voters of their right to vote which results from an illegally cast ballot — oh, I don’t know — taking all practical steps to avoid the possibility that illegal ballots will be cast?

Why do Democrats never have any concern for the latter?


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