Charlamagne tha God Nails why Trump Resonates With Black Male Voters

(Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP, File)

On Tuesday, Charlamagne tha God appeared on Don Lemon’s CNN-gabfest to talk about the Black Vote and the 2020 Election. This is the same Don Lemon who Ice Cube blamed for canceling his appearance on the network last week:

As of this writing, Lemon has not extended that offer to Cube. In Lemon’s world, Cube sold out.

Since Charlamagne didn’t cross that Rubicon, he was worthy of airtime, and Lemon “wanted Charlamagne’s take” on what Black Voters want out of this election.

Real Clear Politics: Charlamagne tha God: Black Voters Just Want to Be Heard.

While our politics and viewpoints differ, I consider Charlamagne to be one of the fresh, credible young voices on the Left. He reflects thoughtfulness, intellect, and critical thinking in what he has to say, as opposed to spouting the usual Leftist diatribe. He is also willing to have true discourse. It was ballsy to have Rush Limbaugh, a conservative who the Left hates with the fire of a thousand suns, on his show The Breakfast Club. So, when Charlamagne has something to say, whether you end up agreeing with him or not, it is definitely worth the listen.

Lemon asked Charlamagne about the polls showing Black male voters turning toward Trump and what that might mean for the outcome of the election.

“I don’t like that narrative,” he said. “Because if Trump wins they’re not about to turn this into a, Blacks are the reason Trump is in office thing.”

Unlike Black women like Jemele Hill and Brittany Cooper who railed against Cube and 50 Cent, and vindictively want to pin a potential Joe Biden loss on Black men, Charlamagne says, “Not happening.”

Lemon then asked Charlamagne why he thinks Trump’s message is resonating with Black men. His response was quite insightful.

“When it comes to those Black people you see who maybe, you know, showing support for Trump, I just think it’s because Trump is actually talking to young, Black male voters, he’s directing ads toward them,” he said.

What a concept, to actually pursue a particular demographic and engage them, rather than dangle bright, shiny objects and woke-sounding talking points. The fashion world and music worlds figured this out a long time ago: what gives with politics?

This concept seems to have been lost on the Democrat party. They would rather have Joe Biden call a respected Black journalist “a junkie” because the journalist asked Biden probing questions about his mental faculties, or have him yuck it up with Cardi B.

Charlamagne continued,

“They’re a group that never get courted. I mean, Black people don’t get courted either as a whole, but that old Democratic regime speaks to old Black men and they think everyone else in the Black community, the Black family, is just supposed to fall in line. They know Black women are going to show up regardless.”

What a sad commentary on how Democrats take Black engagement completely for granted, and never change their playbook. Republicans had a similar problem, then 2016 happened. While I do not see Charlamagne’s comments as a point of disrespect to Black women, they do speaks volumes about Democrat’s use of Black females to further their agenda.

On the other hand, it is a positive commentary that Trump recognized enfranchisement needed to be a part of his pitch to Black males, and it appears to be working.

Charlamagne brought his thoughts home with a kicker:

“Like I said, they speak to older Black men, and they think the rest of us all speak the same language. So Trump is targeting young Black males, and promo and marketing—it works!”

Perhaps it’s the younger voices on the advisory board of Black Voices for Trump that have made such a difference in the messaging. Voices like Jack Brewer, The Hodge Twins, Diante Johnson, Paris Denard, and Terrence K. Williams, to name a few. Perhaps it’s the offer for Black men to come to the table and help spearhead enfranchisement, ownership, and positive change in their communities. Whatever the draw, the Trump campaign has moved beyond freebies, canvassing, phone banking, and poll watching, and presented a message of enfranchisement and empowerment: economically, socially, and spiritually. Do not discount the pro-life message and its resonance for Black men. The Democrat death cult can offer no good alternative.

The heart of why Democrats have failed the Black Community for 50 years: to them Blacks are a voting bloc. To Trump2020, the community is filled with individuals with a unique perspective that deserves to be heard, and supported. While well-packaged marketing and promotion will make your message more palatable, the actual content of the message is what resonates and turns the tables.