A Tale of Two Rallies: Biden Does an Interview, Trump Wows Gastonia

AP Photo/Carlos Osorio

Australian journalist Rita Panahi posted this earlier tonight:

President Donald Trump held a rally in Gastonia, N.C.; Joe Biden called a lid until Thursday.

With upwards of 15,000 in attendance, and livestream views of 92,000 plus on Fox News, it looks like the Gastonia crowd was typical of the energy and electricity of Trump’s rallies. Some people wore masks, others didn’t, and President Trump was his usual, high-octane self.

Former Vice President Joe Biden did not hold a rally, and the empty field is indicative of his strategy toward campaigning. In fact, he has not done a campaign event since Sunday. Former President Barack Obama was dispatched to Philadelphia today to rally the troops, as polls are showing that President Trump is edging out Biden in that battleground state.

Biden did a few interviews from his basement bunker, making sure to blast Trump about ignoring COVID, as the spread has increased in Gastonia County. Apparently the people in attendance at the Trump rally chose to take that risk.

In the lead up to tomorrow’s debate, the jury is still out on whose strategy is most effective. From my brief view of a Fox News excerpt of Barack Obama in Philly, even he looked bored. Is anemic attendance at socially-distanced car rallies indicative of people being safe, or that they’re just not that into you?

On the converse, do crowds and enthusiasm translate into votes? Is it a reflection that people just want to do something “Normal,” and they support the freedom to take the risk and live their lives?

With only 13 days left, and the polls getting tighter, it still seems too close to call. But I think being a “Happy Warrior” and connecting with people goes a lot further than sending out re-tread surrogates and messages from your down below.

Just saying…

UPDATE: One of my favorite people, GaybibiBruce and a friend shared their pics from the Trump Gastonia Rally.