Here's Why the FBI Hasn't Been Concerned About Pro-Abortion Firebombers and Vandals

AP Photo/Paul Beaty

There is a reason why Democrats and their close friends and allies are fearmongering about former President Donald Trump becoming a dictator and using the government to get revenge against his enemies.

No, it is not because they actually believe Trump will weaponize the government against them. This narrative has a twofold purpose: To scare voters into supporting President Joe Biden and to distract from the fact that their president has been using the state to target people who disagree with him politically.

There have been many indications showing the willingness of the Biden administration to go after folks on the right for their political beliefs. One of the most glaring examples centers on the issue of abortion. 

Last year, the FBI arrested multiple individuals involved in protests at abortion clinics. Agents brandishing firearms came to these people’s homes and arrested them over the expression of their beliefs. Many of these individuals are now facing lengthy sentences for blocking the entrances to these clinics. Indeed, one of these individuals is a 75-year-old woman with serious health issues who will be spending the next two years of her life in prison – if she can live that long.

But what about the individuals who firebombed and vandalized pro-life organizations after Roe v. Wade was overturned? It appears federal authorities have not made the perpetrators of these crimes much of a priority.

In the two years since the leak of the Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, pro-life churches and pregnancy centers have been vandalized, broken into, threatened and even firebombed by pro-abortion activists. While only prosecuting a handful of individuals involved in these attacks, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has occupied its time by imprisoning pro-lifers who protest at abortion clinics.

As of March, 90 pregnancy centers and resource groups have suffered vandalism, graffiti, property damage, arson, firebombing and even assault on staff members, according to the Catholic Vote, which has tracked the incidents since Dobbs. Additionally, 257 Catholic churches have also come under attack by pro-abortion activists such as Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us, which have been linked to Antifa and other anarchist groups, with over 30 of the attacks from 2024 alone.

So far, there have been few arrests of individuals involved in these attacks. In fact, it does not appear that the Bureau is even looking for these thugs at the moment.

What would have happened if pro-life activists firebombed Planned Parenthood? It is apparent that the DOJ would have responded far differently.

The reality is that the Biden administration isn’t prioritizing pro-abortionists who commit violent and property crimes because they are on the right side of the abortion issue. The groups carrying out these attacks could have easily harmed or killed someone in their firebombings. Yet, this does not appear to be an issue for the FBI, which has no problem going after Catholic groups and collaborating with left-wing propaganda mills like the Southern Poverty Law Center to target right-leaning organizations and individuals.

The Biden administration’s politicization of federal agencies sends a dangerous message to the public – and those who embrace violent action against those on the pro-life side of the debate. It essentially empowers them to continue their nefarious activities because they know that they won’t be caught by a law enforcement agency that is not interested in stopping them.

But, this makes sense when you look at these issues through a political lens. Kristi Hamrick, vice president of Media and Policy for Students for Life of America, told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the government is “not prosecuting the crime, they’re just prosecuting the point of view.”

The message is clear: If you are against abortion, then the government is against you – at least under the Biden administration.


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