Tony Bobulinski's Lawyer Threatens Lawsuit Against Fox News' Jessica Tarlov for Dishonest Accusation

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Tony Bobulinski’s testimony before Congress is upsetting all the right people. As a former associate of Hunter Biden, he has been spilling the tea about the Biden family’s business dealings, which isn’t sitting well with folks on the left. They responded to his involvement with House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden by doing their level best to smear and discredit the witness.


However, Bobulinski has been fighting back.

Jessica Tarlov, a left-leaning co-host on Fox News’ “The Five,” stepped in it on Wednesday when she claimed, without evidence, that Bobulinski was being funded by Super PAC aligned with former President Donald Trump during a recent broadcast.

“Tony Bobulinski lawyers fees have been paid by a Trump Super PAC that’s as recent as January,” she claimed before rehashing a false claim about Donald Trump. “Do you think that a guy who’s invested in how much better off he wants the United States to be—and really getting to the bottom of this—would be taking money from the guy who extorted the Ukrainians to get dirt on the Biden’s...”

Tarlov’s deceptive comments caught the attention of Bobulinski’s attorney, who was none too pleased to hear about them. In a letter obtained by PJMedia’s Matt Margolis, the witness’ lawyer, Jesse R. Binnal, reached out to Jeff A. Taylor, Executive Vice President and General Counsel for the Fox Corporation. He referred to her claims as “unequivocally false and defamatory” and affirmed that “no Trump Super PAC has ever paid Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees.”


Binnal demanded an “immediate retraction” of “this maliciously blatant lie” and threatened to “immediately file a defamation lawsuit against Fox, and Ms. Tarlov, if this lie is not retracted by Ms. Tarlov on air today, March 21, 2024.”

Not surprisingly, Fox News did the right thing. On Thursday’s broadcast, Tarlov issued a clarification on the air.

"I would like to clarify a comment I made yesterday during our discussion of Tony Bobulinski’s appearance at the congressional hearing. During an exchange with my colleagues about the hearing I said that Mr. Bobulinski’s lawyers’ fees have been paid by a Trump super PAC as recent as January. What was actually said during the hearing was that the law firm representing Mr. Bobulinski was paid by a Trump PAC. I have seen no indication those payments were made in connection with Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees and he denies that they were."

Bobulinski’s testimony has made waves in the nation’s political landscape. He has poked holes in President Joe Biden’s denials that he was involved in his family’s shady foreign business dealings. During his remarks, he said Hunter Biden “lied throughout his testimony” and said the same about the president’s brother, Jim Biden. He also lashed out at Reps. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Dan Goldman (D-NY), asserting that they would “continue to lie again in this hearing.”


Other Democrats have also attacked Bobulinski, desperately trying to discredit him. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) recently claimed, without evidence, that he was a Russian asset being paid by the Kremlin to harm Biden. Nevertheless, his testimony will likely have serious ramifications for Biden’s reelection campaign.



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