George Soros Has a Plan to Transform This State From Red to Blue

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As part of an overall effort to turn Texas from a Republican stronghold into a blue state, billionaire progressive financier George Soros is pouring oodles of cash into the state’s races to bolster support for far-leftist candidates.


The idea is to transform Texas into a Democratic playground, and the strategy could work if the state Republican Party doesn’t find an answer to this political offensive.

George Soros is pouring money into local Democratic parties in Texas in a ploy to help Democrats turn the state blue, according to the Texas Tribune.

Soros, working with the Texas Majority PAC, donated six-figure sums to the Democratic parties of Hidalgo, Cameron and Dallas counties, all of which are plurality or majority Hispanic, the Texas Tribune reported. Soros’ spending comes as Democrats have lost ground nationally and in Texas with Latino voters.

Hidalgo and Cameron counties were among the places where Republicans gained the most ground between the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections. Hidalgo County moved 24 points to the right between the two elections, and Cameron County shifted toward Republicans by 20 points, according to The New York Times.

Former Texas Rep. Mayra Flores chimed in on the move during an interview with the "Washington Examiner," indicating that Soros’ gambit shows that the left is afraid of losing.

Flores, who lost to [Rep. Vicente] Gonzalez in 2022 after winning a special election earlier that year, said she was surprised to see Soros’s sizable contributions in Texas. For years, Democrats have sought to turn Texas blue — see Beto O’Rourke’s failed campaigns in 2018 for senate and governor in 2022 — though the Left has been unable to change the minds of conservative voters on key topics such as abortion and immigration.

“They see the work we’re putting in,” Flores said. “George Soros and his far-left dark money allies are pouring all this money into Texas 34 to prevent us from flipping seats. It works to our advantage because we’re going to be able to encourage more people, not just in Texas 34, but throughout the country, to join the fight, to donate to our campaign.”


Flores also explained that she and her team have “been traveling and sharing our message of faith and the American dream with voters, who are seeing the disaster that Joe Biden created in South Texas” and recounted how they “brought in over 100 women who are Spanish-speaking who voted for Biden in 2020.”

The women told her they would not be supporting the president in 2024.

Soros’ strategy in other states has been to focus on playing the long game, honing in on local races to shape the Lone Star State’s political landscape from the ground up. He is likely banking on the notion that Texas isn’t quite as deep red as it once was and believes it is possible to push the state’s voters to support Democrats.

It would be the height of folly to assume that Soros’ strategy couldn’t work. Yes, Democrats will have a tough time winning over Texans with their open-border stances on immigration. Moreover, Texas residents love their guns, which will make it harder for gun grabbers to get traction. Look at what happened to Beto O’Rourke when he tried to exploit the Uvalde shooting for his anti-gun campaign.

But if Soros and his allies are content to work on Texas over the long haul, it is not beyond the realm of possibility to suggest that they might be able to get more Texans to vote left. This is especially true if the state party does not see this tactic coming and does little to stop it.


This is yet another reason why I always preach the importance of focusing on local politics. The government closest to the people tends to have the most impact – positive or negative. But, focusing on local politics will also help conservative and libertarian voters become aware of the game progressives are playing and alert their communities to what will happen once another “woke” district attorney gets into power.


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