Reporter Claims 'Multiple Sources' Say Nashville Shooter's Manifesto is 'EXTREMELY Misleading'

AP Photo/John Amis

Ever since the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, speculation has swirled about the motivation for the shooter’s actions. Federal authorities have refused to release the contents of her writings, including a diary and manifesto explaining why she decided to kill six people on that day.


Now, parts of the shooter’s writings have been leaked to conservative talk show host Steven Crowder, who published them on his website. While various Big Tech platforms have censored the release of the documents, the details have already been exposed. But, according to a news reporter, the three pages Crowder released do not tell the whole story.

In a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, NewsChannel 5 reporter Phil Williams indicated that “multiple sources” informed him that the leak is “EXTREMELY misleading” and indicated that Audrey Hale, the shooter, “hated everybody,” and not only white people as the leak seems to suggest.


According to the documents publicized by Crowder, Hale wanted to kill “little crackers” because of their “white privilege.” It also showed how she planned out the mass shooting and revealed that she recorded a short video explaining her actions just before carrying out the assault. These details suggest an ideological motivation accompanied by hatred of white Americans.

However, if the “sources” are to be believed, there could be more to this story, which raises the ultimate question: Why not just release the whole thing? The authorities have resisted efforts, including a Freedom of Information Act request, to persuade officials to allow the public to see Hale’s writings. This has sparked speculation that they are concealing the documents for political purposes. Critics point to the fact that in many other cases, especially those involving racially motivated shootings that target racial minorities, the authorities release the killer’s writings.

But even further, why wouldn’t the sources tell Williams what details are missing from the three pages people have seen so far? What is the point of keeping this quiet – especially if it can debunk a false narrative as they claim?


It does not seem likely that Hale mentioned other groups of people – especially none that the left claims to care about. If she did, the manifesto and other writings would likely have been released far sooner without anyone having to leak it. With this in mind, we should be taking these claims with a gigantic vat of salt. Sure, it could be true. But given how this has been handled, combined with the information that was published on Monday, there does not appear to be a reason to believe the information is not accurate. If they truly want the public to know what happened, they will release the documents.


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