New Jersey Teacher Hired AFTER Sharing Student's Nudes Online

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It seems at least one New Jersey high school has made a rather questionable hiring decision. After having shared nude photos of a former student, a teacher managed to get hired at another school in the state. This wild story raises a serious question: Why wasn’t there a comprehensive background check before bringing this individual on as school staff?


Christopher Doyle, a former educator, resigned from his original position after it was revealed that he had shared “revenge porn” featuring a former female student on an internet forum.

A New Jersey high school teacher quietly resigned and gained employment at another school after facing blowback for sharing mysteriously procured nude selfies of a former student online.

On Aug. 21, a court ordered Christopher Doyle to pay $10,000 to Kaitlyn Cannon in damages, per a partial summary judgment shared with Fox News Digital, more than five years after he shared 14 intimate images she had snapped years before for a college boyfriend.

Cannon had just graduated from Pennsylvania State University and begun a career as a television producer for a North Carolina PBS affiliate when a former high school classmate sent a Facebook message that would irreparably change the course of her life.

Those intimate photographs, many showing Cannon's face, had been shared on a Dutch-owned message board where users share non-consensual pornography - commonly known as "revenge porn."

The images were organized by location and included Cannon’s first name and last initial. It also revealed the name of the town in which she grew up. She found out about it after receiving messages on social media and email.


Cannon had taken the images three or four years earlier. Allegedly, her then-boyfriend lost his phone.

After the images were posted, Cannon told Fox News Digital she began receiving social media messages and emails at her job that were "sexual in nature" and "vaguely threatening." Even her family members began receiving calls, she said.

Doyle taught math classes at Wall High School between 2004 and 2019. Cannon was his student in 2009. After the scandal was exposed, he resigned. But he later found employment at Perth Amboy High School, which is located in a neighboring county. However, a school representative told Fox News Digital that he was “not an employee in the district.”

"I think, for me, it was already something that I was dealing with and struggling with, that these photos were online that I didn't intend for anyone to see. Once I found out that it was my former math teacher it was extremely unsettling – it hit a lot closer to home," Cannon told Fox News Digital. "It made me feel... scared, paranoid, violated that someone in my real life was doing this. I just imagined before it was someone I didn't know."

She initially "tried [her] best" to pursue criminal charges in the community where she attended school, she said, but "received a phone call [from detectives] saying they were not able to pursue it criminally."


On the other hand, Doyle’s lawyer told Fox News Digital that the court found that his client “did not intentionally inflict emotional distress upon [Cannon]” and “did not award any punitive damages.”

The ordeal prompted Cannon to pursue a career in social work so she can help others who have been subject to sexual abuse and “image-based sexual abuse.” She has used TikTok as a platform to share her story and raise awareness about revenge porn.

So, why would a school hire a teacher, whose profession requires him to be in charge of children, who has been found to have engaged in this behavior? Even more disturbing is the fact that he did not seem to have any real obstacles to obtaining his position. Perhaps it was an oversight. But if this is the case, it is a serious oversight that should never have happened in the first place.


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