Libertarian Party Challenges Fitness of Biden and McConnell, Seeking Conservatorship Over Their Affairs

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In a bold and unorthodox move, the Libertarian National Committee recently announced its intention to file for conservatorship over President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The move comes amid multiple examples of both politicians exhibiting signs of cognitive decline due to their ages.


President Biden, who is currently 80-years-old, has sparked concern among the public – including Democrats – about his age. Many on the left have indicated they do not want him to seek a second term in office. Sen. McConnell, 81, has also sparked speculation about his future in the Senate after freezing up on at least two occasions while giving remarks.

“We're all aware of the gaffes, the lapses in memory, the freezes, and the incoherent statements made by these two powerful men. These aren't mere quirks; they're red flags,” the LNC noted in a post on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “The decisions made in the Oval Office and on the Senate floor have far-reaching implications, affecting both domestic policy and international relations. If the individuals making these decisions aren't at their cognitive best, the consequences could be dire.”

For those unfamiliar, conservatorship is a legal tool that allows a guardian to manage the personal and financial affairs of a person who is deemed to be mentally unfit. “The Libertarian Party is taking this step to send a clear message: the mental health of our leaders is a priority that should transcend political affiliations,” the post read.

The announcement details Biden’s and McConnell’s apparent cognitive issues:

President Biden's frequent verbal missteps and moments of confusion aren't merely embarrassing; they're alarming. From forgetting names to stumbling over words to saying straight up gibberish or shaking hands with the air, the President's behavior raises legitimate questions about his mental fitness for the highest office in the land. This isn't about partisanship; it's about the well-being of our nation.

Similarly, Mitch McConnell has exhibited behavior that should give us all pause. His public appearances have been marked by contradictory statements, a lack of focus, and he has literally froze during press conferences multiple times. As the Minority Leader of the Senate, McConnell wields significant influence. If he's not mentally up to the task, it's not just his problem—it's America's problem.


The party then highlighted the bloated national debt, the continued funding of the war in Ukraine, and “potentially criminal business and political affiliations” as reasons why a conservatorship is necessary.

The LNC explained that it is “seeking legal representation in these matters in Washington DC so that we can move forward with the proceedings as quickly as possible.”

Angela McArdle, Chair of the national Libertarian Party, told RedState:

These people aren't fit to stay home alone by themselves. How can we entrust them to govern the country or spend our tax dollars? This is the compassionate, responsible way to separate them from taxpayer money and send a strong message to the two major parties to stop running stroke and dementia patients for office.

The filing of conservatorship over sitting political figures would be a complex and unprecedented process. Even assuming it could establish proper standing to bring such an action, the party would have to convince a judge that Biden and McConnell cannot effectively carry out their duties due to their mental issues. At a minimum, the move could result in a lengthy legal battle if it gains traction.


However, regardless of how this effort turns out, it further highlights issues many have raised about having people serve in office whose age prevents them from doing their jobs in an effective manner. A recent poll found that 73 percent of likely voters want McConnell to resign. Another showed that the same percentage indicated that Biden is too old to seek a second term.

Discussions around age limits for Congress and the presidency have become more commonplace. But so far, no movement has been made in this direction.


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