Ana Navarro Gaslights About Concerns Over Joe Biden's Age: 'He Ain't Dying Anytime Soon'

Credit: ABC/"The View"

It seems the hosts of “The View are trying to pour some more gas into the lamp as Americans grow increasingly concerned about President Joe Biden’s age. On Monday’s episode, co-host Ana Navarro dismissed concerns over Biden’s old age and argued that it was part of a Republican-bred narrative designed to incite panic.


This is the latest in a series of instances in which Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media try to assure the nation that there is no reason to be concerned about Biden’s age and apparent cognitive difficulties. Nevertheless, polling continues to show that people are buying what Navarro’s ilk are selling.

In this episode of “Let’s See How Gullible Our Audience Is,” the four hosts were discussing a CBS interview with Vice President Kamala Harris in which she indicated, with a straight face, that she would be ready to assume the presidency if something nasty were to happen to Uncle Joe. That brought them to the topic of Biden’s age when Navarro went into full spin mode:

This is what Republicans have against Biden, because this administration has really gotten a ton of very difficult bipartisan legislation through in a divided Congress with a very difficult Senate makeup of 50 50, bipartisan infrastructure bill, bipartisan Safe Communities Act, first major gun legislation in decades, us. Innovation and Competition Act, bipartisan Climate, Health Care and Tax Package, fiscal Responsibility Act and the list is long. So what do they need to focus on? They need to focus on the undeniable. Joe Biden is old, and that's a narrative that's been created to cause panic in people.

The co-host continued, insisting that “Joe Biden’s old, but he ain’t dying anytime soon.”


She then went on to recount all the traveling the president has done lately. “He was at the G20 one moment. I turned on the TV, he was in India, then I turned on the TV. He was in Vietnam,” she said.

Sunny Hostin also chimed in, defending Harris against claims that she is not fit to serve as president.

That's kind of offensive to me. And the other thing is she's unprepared. Kamala Harris, by the way, was the first woman elected DA. Of San Francisco, the first woman to be attorney general of California. She's the first female vice president. She's been on the job, doing a damn good job, and I am so tired of people questioning her qualifications.

Hostin continued, echoing Navarro’s sentiments that Biden’s age is a total nonissue that nobody should care about: “I don't think Joe Biden's going anywhere because I see him on his bike in Delaware. I can't bike that much. And, I mean, he's fit.”

Well, it was a valiant effort, wasn’t it? To be fair, the folks at “The View,” being nothing more than propagandists influencing women, have to push this ridiculous narrative, don’t they? They, along with their comrades in other areas of media, are having a hard time convincing Americans that they are not seeing what they are seeing.


But the polls show that it’s still not working.

A CNN poll released Thursday found Trump leading Biden by 1 point, 47% to 46%. A Wall Street Journal survey published Sept. 3 found them tied at 46% each. A New York Times/Siena College poll taken in late July found Biden and Trump tied at 43% apiece. The former president is currently polling stronger against Biden than he did at any point in 2020, when he trailed by as many as 10 points and never came within 3 points in the FiveThirtyEight average.

Not only is Trump neck and neck with Biden, but most Americans are worried about the president’s age. If the folks at “The View” and the rest of the left-wing intelligentsia wish to swing attitudes in favor of their president, they are going to have to do much better than this.


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