American Library Association President Says Libraries Should Be ‘Sites of Socialist Organizing’

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 It’s always great when the Marxists proclaim their agenda to indoctrinate children out loud, isn’t it? This is precisely what happened when American Library Association (ALA) president Emily Drabinski told a crowd of comrades about how she wants libraries to be places where kids can be influenced to embrace the virtues of socialism.


In a report on her Substack, author and psychologist Dr. Karlyn Borysenko hurled the ALA into the spotlight after doing some undercover work at a conference titled “Socialism 2023.” “While initially slated to be a speaker at Socialism 2023, Drabinski’s session was canceled amid growing concerns about her Marxist ideology,” Borysenko wrote. “Several state library associations severed ties with the national organization as a result.”

Nevertheless, Drabinski was present at the conference and even participated in some of the discussions, including one titled “Freedom to Learn: Black And Asian American Solidarity Against Attacks on Antiracist Education.”

When the ALA president took the microphone, she declared that libraries should be “on the agenda of socialist organizing.”

After the presenters held a rousing discussion, including discussing how to smuggle socialist ideas like Critical Race Theory into the classroom even when the law outlaws it (they call that fugitive pedagogy), there was an opportunity for attendees to comment.

Emily got in line at the microphone.

She was called “comrade” just like the others in line.

And when it was her turn, she said this:

I’m Emily and I'm a librarian.

(There’s a large round of applause - the crowd knew who Emily was)

I just want to say thank you for bringing up libraries, and classroom libraries, but also school libraries of all kind, public libraries and higher education library who have been under attack in similar ways

I think your point that public education needs to be a site of socialist organizing, I think libraries really do too.

I haven't seen that, working in libraries, but I think there’s a real opportunity here to both connect with what’s happening in public education, what’s happening in libraries, but also we need some help with libraries.

We need to be on the agenda of socialist organizing.


This revelation is eye-opening but not shocking. People who have been paying attention have already seen how far-leftists are saturating schools and libraries with their ideology, hoping to shape young minds into Marxist automatons. Libraries used to represent spaces for intellectual freedom and thought. But if folks like Drabinski get their way, they will simply become nothing more than indoctrination centers churning out socialist activists.

In this report, Borysenko exposed the true mission of the ALA, which is funded by you, the taxpayer. The organization is using your hard-earned money to fund the indoctrination of your children. It would be clever if it weren’t so devious.

This revelation highlights why Drabinski censored figures like actor Kirk Cameron, a conservative Christian, by trying to blackball him from reading about traditional values to children in libraries. Authoritarians like Drabinski do not believe in the free expression of ideas. They would rather use their power to crush dissenting voices – especially from the right. This should cause us all to ask: What does this mean for the future of intellectual freedom in education?



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