It's High Time to Resist Those Using the State to Enforce Indoctrination in Schools

AP Photo/Ron Harris

Since the hard left is intent on using the government to force their beliefs on everyone else, parents better be ready for the battle against indoctrination to become much harder. There have already been several examples of laws being passed in states like California allowing the government to use schools as an instrument to influence young minds. But, in some cases, governments are not even allowing parents to opt their kids out of lessons that contradict their religious beliefs.

A federal court in Maryland on Thursday issued a ruling effectively diminishing parental rights. Judge Deborah L. Boardman ruled that parents do not possess "a fundamental right" to opt their kids out of having to read books containing LGBTQ and other inappropriate content in Montgomery County Public Schools.

Previously, the district had allowed parents to keep their children from having to consume this content and would notify them when the materials were to be used in the classroom. But in March, it stated it was rescinding the policy, prompting Christian and Muslim parents to protest in front of the district's offices. Nevertheless, the judge has now upheld the rescinding of the policy:

The cancellation of the policy brought parents of many religious faiths and backgrounds together with one common goal: being able to have a say in what is being taught to their children. In July, hundreds of parents and students protested against the elimination of the opt-out policy in front of the offices of the Montgomery County Schools to voice their opposition. The no-opt-out policy was scheduled to be in place for the 2023-2024 school year. Parents had tried to get the opt-out policy reinstated, but in her ruling, Biden-appointed Judge Deborah L. Boardman stated:

[Parents'] asserted due process right to direct their children's upbringing by opting out of a public-school curriculum that conflicts with their religious views is not a fundamental right.

The judge's ruling highlights the ongoing conflict between parental rights and the government's effort to usurp them. It further underscores the need for parents to be proactive in protecting their children from this blatant propaganda campaign that progressives are infusing into the public school system.

Parents need to resist even harder than they have been up to this moment. Now that the left is leveraging the power of the state, it has become even more critical for more people to stand against those who would force their children to embrace leftist ideology.

The political battle will need to be ramped up at the local level. We need more people running for local offices like school board seats and others. This also needs to happen at the state level as well. Those who are not running must do everything they can to support those who are. It is essential that we get the right people in these seats to serve as a bulwark against those seeking to exploit the education system to influence young minds.

It is also important to resist in other ways as well. While Montgomery County's school district is not going to notify parents when they are assigning these books and lessons, parents might still have other options. Maryland does not appear to have a robust school choice program, but parents living in the state can still take advantage of the measures that are available. For those in states that allow educational options, using these to the fullest extent will be critical, especially if your district also does not think it is necessary to allow parents to have a say in their child's education.

Those opposing the indoctrination have already had success using lawfare. The court did not issue a favorable ruling in this instance. But in others, suing these districts has reaped tremendous rewards for those who are willing to fight. Sane Americans need to also intensify lawfare against any and every effort to use the state to enforce violations of parental rights.

As the backlash against progressive efforts to warp young minds continues, the left will find other ways to compel the rest of us to acquiesce to their demands. This includes using the government to pass laws forcing this ideology on us. We can't let them. These people are not all-powerful; they have already sustained heavy losses. If we refuse to let up, they won't win.


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