Parents Suing School District for Refusing to Provide Teacher's Speech Announcing Gender 'Transition' to Kids

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As supporters and opponents of parental rights clash all over the country, a Wisconsin school district’s conduct related to a transgender teacher has caused a stir in the community. This district is no stranger to controversy, having staked out a distinct position against the notion that parents should be intimately involved in how their children are educated.


In this latest episode of “Let’s Trans the Kids,” a teacher at Northstar Middle School in Eau Claire announced that he is transgender and detailed his plans for “transitioning” to the opposite sex. Despite multiple requests from parents, the district has refused to provide the text of the speech:

A Wisconsin school district violated a public records request when parents were denied a copy of a speech given to middle school students where an orchestra teacher announced that he was transitioning genders, a lawsuit alleges.

Orchestra teacher Jacob Puccio announced to middle school students at Northstar Middle School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, that he would be transitioning to a woman and wanted to be referred to as “Ms. Puccio,” according to a lawsuit filed by a parent alongside the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL). Parents requested to know what was said to their children and placed multiple inquiries for a copy of Puccio’s speech, which the school refused, leading the parent to file the lawsuit.

The educator told the kids in his class about his experience of feeling like a girl trapped in a boy’s body as a child. He discussed the trauma he endured because those around him did not accept his identity as a female. The lawsuit notes that Puccio told the kids he plans to have surgery as part of his “transition.”

One of the parents, after being rebuffed by the school district, filed a public records request to obtain the content of the statement. But the district attorney’s office argued that they could not provide the document because there was a current investigation into an employee’s handling of the document.


This is not the first time the district has come under fire for trying to influence children without their parents’ knowledge or consent. In March 2022, a report exposed the fact that the district had held a training in which educators were told that “parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities” and that this information “must be earned” by parents. This revelation prompted a fierce backlash from parents whose kids were in the school district.

This controversy raises a series of questions. To begin with, why is the district concealing the content of Puccio’s speech from the parents? If they truly believe there was nothing wrong with his announcement, why not stand tall and defend it? The lawsuit says that the superintendent expressed that he was “proud of the thoughtfulness and intentionality” in how the teacher declared his intention to “transition.” It makes one wonder what these people are trying to hide – although it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out, does it?

Next on the list is the fact that the district believes it appropriate for an educator to give such intimate details about his life and gender identity to a room full of middle school children. Why did they think it wise for this guy to discuss his personal experiences and plans to have surgery ostensibly to “transition” to being a woman? It would also be nice to know whether parents were informed that this teacher was going to bare his soul in this way.


At the core of this issue is a blatant disregard for parental rights and disrespect for those who are concerned about the material to which their kids are being exposed at school. It further hammers home what I’ve been saying all along: These authoritarian leftists do not believe your children belong to you. They believe kids belong to the state to do with as it pleases.

This is why they believe it is acceptable to conceal information about what children are learning from their parents. These folks view parents as babysitters, not guardians. Government-run schools should be the ones deciding how kids should be raised and what they should be learning, regardless of what mothers and fathers believe.

As bleak as this whole situation seems, it is nice to see parents fighting back. These folks will only succeed if enough people don’t resist their agenda.



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