The Foster Care System Should Never Place Ideology Over Child Welfare

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

As the debate over gender ideology continues, progressives are becoming less concerned with persuasion and more focused on using the state to enforce their views on the rest of us. We have already seen how states like California are using the government to take action against parents who do not affirm their children’s chosen gender identity. But now, some states are allowing the foster care system to discriminate against others who do not embrace gender ideology.

For people who claim to value inclusion, understanding, and diversity, government officials in Massachusetts seem to be rather limited, even when it concerns the well-being of children.

The state’s foster care system rejected a couple seeking to become foster parents because of their religious beliefs regarding transgenderism. As a result, the couple is suing the state for discrimination. RedState’s Bonchie reported:

According to the text of the lawsuit, the only reason given for their denial was that they “would not be affirming to a child who identified as LGBTQIA.” Instead of simply not assigning them a child who “identifies” as such, the Burkes were denied completely from fostering any children.

That denial happened despite the fact that the State of Massachusetts has a severe shortage of foster parents, with as many as 1,500 kids having no home at this moment. It’s safe to assume that the vast majority of those children do not “identify” as LGBTQIA, making the decision all the more indefensible.

That’s right, folks. The state believes it is better to keep children in the system without at least being cared for by loving adults than it is to have them exposed to monsters who believe men are men and women are women.

Discriminating against adults who hold beliefs that do not line up with progressivism is absolutely absurd, especially when it means that children are being affected by the state’s actions. It forces these kids to remain with the government instead of in a home with responsible and loving adults.

This also seems to be a religious freedom issue as well. While Christianity does not necessarily instruct people to become foster parents, the fact that the state is openly discriminating against a couple solely because of their religious beliefs seems to be a violation of their First Amendment rights. These officials are literally telling these folks they cannot participate in the foster program because they are Christians. It would not be surprising to see a judge rule in the couple’s favor simply for that reason. It also raises another question: Would the state have dared to do something like this to a Muslim couple?

The most egregious part of this is that, as stated previously, the state is completely disregarding the safety and health of foster children. Despite having 1,500 children without foster parents, these officials chose to reject this couple. These people are literally prioritizing progressive gender ideology over the needs of these kids.

Considering the risks faced by children who remain in the foster care system, it is difficult to see the state’s actions as anything but pure evil. Kids who grow up as wards of the state already are more likely to endure harder challenges than those who don’t. These individuals are more likely to become victims of human trafficking after they age out of the foster care system. Indeed, about 60 percent of these children become trafficked before and after they become adults. Given these challenges, why wouldn’t Massachusetts want to give these kids the best shot at success? Why would it be more important for potential foster parents to embrace progressive gender ideology than to make sure children are being cared for?

We already know the answer, don’t we?

This is not about the welfare of children. It is about advancing an agenda. The state appears to want each of these kids indoctrinated in the foster system as well as in the classroom. For these types, the ideology is more important than safety, which is another form of abuse from where I sit.



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