Ridiculous New Bill: Lawmakers Want to Dictate What Is in Your Car

In the latest episode of “Let’s See How We Can Waste Money And Expand the Government,” senators are pushing through a bill that would require automakers to include AM radio capability in every new vehicle they manufacture. That’s right, folks. This is our intrepid legislature at work. Fighting for our right to listen to AM radio.


Not only do these people want to tell us what kind of light bulbs we can buy and which stoves we can use, but they also want to further control how companies manufacture their products. What is even more galling is that Republican senators, who claim to be for limited government, make up more than half of the lawmakers cosponsoring this absurdity:

Proponents argue AM radio is crucial for weather and emergency alerts in times of crisis and is more resilient after infrastructure damage because fewer towers are needed.

The bill, which has nearly 30 cosponsors in the Senate and almost 140 in the House, would require the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to create a new rule requiring car manufacturers to put AM radios in vehicles without charging an extra fee for that capability.

Manufacturers of electric vehicles have reportedly argued against the measure, noting that “the drivetrain in electric vehicles creates frequencies that interfere with the radio waves.”

The reasoning behind the bill is that AM radio can be used in times of emergencies to receive warnings and information that might not be available through digital means. This is especially true if internet is not available.

Some of the senators co-sponsoring the bill have sung its praises:

For decades, free AM broadcast radio has been an essential tool in emergencies, a crucial part of our diverse media ecosystem, and an irreplaceable source for news, weather, sports, and entertainment for tens of millions of listeners,” said Senator Markey. “Carmakers shouldn’t tune out AM radio in new vehicles or put it behind a costly digital paywall. I am proud to introduce the AM for Every Vehicle Act to ensure that this resilient and popular communication tool does not become a relic of the past.

Each day, millions of Americans turn to AM radio to stay up to date on life in their community, engage on the issues they care about, or to be simply entertained during rush hour,” said Senator Cruz. “AM radio is a critical bulwark for democracy, providing a platform for alternative viewpoints and the ability for elected officials to share our efforts with our constituents. Congress should act swiftly to pass this bill so Americans retain access to news, music, talk, and emergency alerts on the public airwaves. I’m glad to work with Senator Markey on this bipartisan legislation to ensure carmakers do not limit Texans’ access to radio in their vehicles.


The Republican lawmakers who sign on to this bill are no better than those who want to tell you what kind of lightbulbs and stoves you can have. Yet, they will make their rounds on the media circuit screaming about how intrusive these measures are.

Sure, having an AM radio is a great idea. Even without regulation, most would prefer to have a vehicle with the capability. Or perhaps they would purchase one to take with them when they are traveling. Most people already understand how emergencies work; we don’t need the almighty government telling companies what kind of products they must make.

Additionally, this is an issue the free market could address even more effectively. Realistically, if a manufacturer stopped making cars with AM radios, they would lose buyers because most understand how crucial they can be in the event of an emergency. Also, in some areas of the country, these devices might not be as necessary as they are in others. Why should the state decide for us?

It seems to me that this type of legislation is not only an example of overreach; it’s a waste of time and taxpayer money.


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