The Anti-Gunner Lobby: Ignorance or Feckless Deception?

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Here’s a question I’ve often pondered: Are members of the anti-gunner lobby simply ignorant or are they feckless liars? There are undoubtedly people in the anti-Second Amendment movement who fit into either category. But which one is more prevalent?

Apparently, I am not the only one who has considered this question.

Columnist and author John R. Lott penned an op-ed for Townhall titled “Can Democrats Even Believe What They Are Claiming About Guns?

In the piece, he explored the same query while discussing the new pistol brace ban, which is highly touted by Democrats because it will move their anti-gun agenda forward while not saving a single life. Okay, they didn’t say that out loud, but we know how these people think, don’t we?

Lott wrote:

Under new rules from the Biden administration, gun owners possessing pistol-stabilizing braces must now remove the brace, register it and pay a fee, or forfeit or destroy it. The House voted to overturn these regulations by a 219-210 vote, including two Democrats voting for the measure and two Republicans voting against it. But Senate Democrats defeated the move on a straight party-line 50-49 vote. Not even Democrats from high gun-owning states, such as Bob Casey (D-Pa.), Joe Manchin (D-W.V.), and Jon Tester (D-Mont.), voted to rescind the regulation.

Stabilizing braces were originally designed to allow veterans with hand disabilities to hold handguns, not for mass shooters to commit a crime more effectively. The braces are straps that allow the disabled person to keep hold of the gun when it recoils. Without a gun and a steady aim, disabled people are very vulnerable to criminals. But Democrats will never mention that.

Of course, they won’t mention that the ban endangers disabled folks – it’s an inconvenient fact that should never be discussed in public.

Lott concludes his article with the ultimate question:

But if Democrats know that adding a brace to a semi-automatic handgun doesn’t turn it into a machine gun, why do they make such bizarre claims? Do they really believe voters are that naïve? Amazingly, Democrats think they can even fool voters in states such as Montana and West Virginia.

I might not be able to prove this, but from where I sit, most of what the anti-gunner crowd does is based on deception. They know that many, if not most, of their claims are patently false. In the ongoing debate surrounding gun rights, it has become evident that Democrats are adept at exploiting the general public’s lack of knowledge about firearms to advance their agenda of disarming as many Americans as possible. They prey on our ignorance to scare us into supporting their effort to disarm law-abiding folks.

While it may be tempting to assume that Democrats are simply misinformed, it is simply too difficult. That would give them too much credit. There is absolutely no way that they are this ignorant on the matter. Of course, it is worth acknowledging also that this applies to members of the chattering class, not everyday Americans who might support gun control because they don’t know enough about the issue.

The key to countering this deceptive approach lies in educating the public about firearms and the broader discussion surrounding gun ownership. By empowering citizens with accurate information, supporters of gun rights can challenge the misleading rhetoric and ensure that the preservation of these rights remains a vital part of American society.

One of the reasons Democrats can successfully push their anti-gun agenda is the prevailing lack of understanding about firearms among the general public. This is why some Democrats are getting away with claiming that banning pistol braces will stop mass shootings. To those who know about guns, this is a laughable claim.

The deceptive narratives perpetuated by Democrats often involve misrepresentations of firearm features and their impact on public safety. For example, claims that pistol-stabilizing braces turn handguns into machine guns are not only factually incorrect but also intended to create fear and garner support for stricter regulations. Such misleading statements exploit the public’s lack of understanding of the mechanics of firearms, as well as the distinction between semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons.

But many Americans do not have a deep knowledge of the technical aspects of guns or the historical context behind the Second Amendment. This knowledge gap allows Democrats to manipulate public opinion by disseminating false information that resonates with individuals who have limited exposure to firearms.

To counter these false narratives, it is crucial for supporters of gun rights to engage in proactive public education initiatives. This means reaching out to communities, organizing informational sessions, and utilizing various media platforms to disseminate accurate information about firearms and their role in society. Black Guns Matter is a perfect example of evangelizing for gun rights by educating one’s local community. By providing factual knowledge, proponents of gun rights can empower individuals to critically evaluate the claims made by anti-gun advocates and make informed decisions.

Supporters of gun rights should come together to create grassroots movements that advocate for responsible gun ownership and debunk misinformation. Engaging with local communities, schools, and organizations can help foster open discussions and dispel the myths propagated by anti-gun activists. Collaboration among gun rights advocates, including gun owners, educators, and community leaders, strengthens the collective effort to educate the public.

The prevalence of misleading narratives about gun rights within the Democratic Party demands a proactive response from supporters of the Second Amendment. By recognizing how Democrats exploit public knowledge gaps to further their agenda, proponents of gun rights can prioritize educating the people about firearms and the broader debate surrounding gun ownership.

Through responsible engagement, grassroots movements, and accurate information dissemination, citizens can be empowered and educated to make informed decisions, ensuring that the deceptive narratives perpetuated by the left are less effective in their efforts to disarm law-abiding Americans.


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