Asa Hutchinson's Stupid Advice: Why We Shouldn't Ignore Weaponized Government Corruption

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

People like former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson are one of the many reasons why our government is so corrupt. During a Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Hutchinson, who is seeking the presidency for some reason, criticized Republicans claiming that the Department of Justice has been weaponized against former President Donald Trump, urging them to “back off” and support law enforcement instead. He is one of several squishes who seems to believe folks like us should ignore blatant corruption and misuse of federal agencies for political purposes.

In the interview, he started by excoriating the former president, arguing that he should step down due to the myriad of legal issues he is currently facing:

Whenever you’ve got these serious allegations against you, whenever you’ve got the challenge of multiple different investigations during the course of the next year is not fair to the country, and certainly it’s not fair to the party that wants to get this country back on track. To me, that is the high level consideration the candidates should give to the important office of President in making that decision for the country’s interest. So, yes, I think that he should drop out. Clearly, he’s not going to. This is going to be decided by the voters, which is the American process, but the American voters are going to have to decide on the merits of these charges.

Next, the so-called candidate criticized high-profile Republicans in Congress and elsewhere who are speaking out against politically-motivated efforts to use the government to attack Trump and interfere in the upcoming presidential election.

“The whole concept that so many Republican leaders are adopting that this is the weaponization of the Justice Department – I think [the DOJ] made some bad decisions,” Hutchinson said. “I can certainly disagree with many of the decisions they’ve made, particularly Jim Comey and some of his in reference to Hillary Clinton. But in terms of the overall charge weaponization of the Justice Department, look at Donald Trump.”

The former governor continued in an attempt to gaslight ABC’s viewers into believing that it is Trump who wants to weaponize the government and called on Republicans to put their heads in the sand and pretend everything is hunky-dory with the Justice Department:

He’s already declared that if he’s elected President, he’s going to point a special prosecutor to go after the Biden family. That’s called a weaponization of the Justice Department. Let’s back off of these accusations and let’s get back to being the party of the rule of law, of the justice system, supporting law enforcement and the equal application of law. Let’s don’t undermine the greatest justice system and criminal justice system and rule of law in the world today, this side of heaven.

Needless to say, folks like Hutchinson don’t belong anywhere near the White House, and I am relieved that he has about as good a chance of winning the presidency as Kamala Harris has of being likable. To say that folks working in federal agencies have not used their positions to target Trump and conservatives requires one to drink several large glasses of willful ignorance.

The allegations of DOJ weaponization are not baseless, as Hutchinson suggests. Throughout Trump’s presidency, Republicans consistently raised concerns about the apparent bias within the department, pointing to instances such as the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s alleged ties to Russia. The FBI literally tried to concoct a hoax designed to sell the American public on the idea that the former president was besties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

One of the key issues that cannot be ignored is the selective treatment and disparate actions taken by the DOJ. Individuals like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden faced different standards when handling classified information, while Trump experienced intense scrutiny and investigations. The raid on Trump’s home, just days before the midterm election, has raised eyebrows and fueled suspicions of politically motivated actions.

To dismiss these concerns as mere accusations without thorough examination is a disservice to the principles of justice and fairness. Even worse, this is the type of attitude that allows corrupt elements in the government to abuse their positions for political expediency.

By urging Republicans to ignore the reality of potential government weaponization, Hutchinson is essentially shilling for bad actors in federal agencies. This is yet another reminder that many politicians on both sides of the aisle are not your friends. Instead, they exist simply to uphold the ruling class and authoritarian elites who run our government. Good thing nobody is seriously listening to the former governor.


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