Do as Georgia Democrats Say, Not as They Do: Public Schools for All, Except Their Own Children

AP Photo/Ron Harris

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Democrats in Georgia have been caught red-handed engaging in a delightful display of hypocrisy. State Rep. Mesha Mainor, who appears to be the lone Democrat in the state’s legislature with a functioning moral compass, exposed her fellow party members for falsifying their addresses to secure better education for their own children.

This revelation is already scandalous enough, but it gets even worse. These same Democrats opposed Georgia Senate Bill 233, a school choice measure that would have given $6,500 vouchers to the parents of children who are performing in the lowest 25 percent. These funds could have helped these kids by giving them access to a higher-quality education or making it easier for these parents to homeschool.

Apparently, Georgia Democrats’ motto is “Quality education for me, but not for thee.”

Mainor was the only Democratic lawmaker to vote in favor of the measure. During an interview with Fox News Digital, she highlighted the reality that school choice legislation provides an educational benefit for black children. She issued a scathing rebuke to her fellow Democrats in the state legislature.

Why is no one fighting for young Black minds? Why isn’t that one of the things that we’re fighting for?” she said. “I actually say you’re a hypocrite. That’s what I tell them directly. You are being a hypocrite. There are state lawmakers right now where their children are in schools that they’re not even zoned for … They’re lying about their address, state lawmakers, but they won’t vote for this bill.

Mainor detailed the dire situation in which many black students find themselves. She said:

In my district in particular, we have schools with 3% reading proficiency, 3% have obtained math proficiency by the eighth grade. And so to say that this is just how it is and that the kid needs to just suffer these consequences, I don’t agree with that. And I don’t think that all parents agree with that either.

How dare struggling students be granted options to escape failing schools? After all, we must prioritize preserving the sanctity of underfunded public institutions over empowering students and their families. We have to give kudos to the Democrats for staying true to their principles, which include pretending to care about black people while doing everything they can to oppress them.

But the hypocrisy does not stop there, dear reader.

While opposing school choice for we the plebes, several Democrats have placed their children in private institutions. If public schools were so wonderful, why are they not good enough for their children?

We already know the answer, of course. Elitist Democrats believe that their principles apply only to those who are not part of the ruling class. They feel entitled to adopt a “Do as I say, not as I do” approach to this, and many other issues. Faulty public schools are more than sufficient for us regular folks, but not good enough for our betters in the elite class, whose children deserve better education. After all, how will they be able to rule over us if they are not placed in elite schools far away from the everyday population?

The mind-boggling hypocrisy displayed by Democrats in Georgia is truly a spectacle to behold. Their unwavering opposition to school choice, coupled with their shameless efforts to secure better education for their own children through address falsification and legislation is a testament to their commitment to principles—principles of convenience and self-interest. It’s a comedy of errors that exposes the disconnection between their rhetoric and actions. So, let’s raise a toast (not Bud Light) for the Democrats and their remarkable talent for preaching one thing while doing the complete opposite.


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