America's Ideological Divide: Is Federal Intervention the Answer?

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Amid the digital cesspool that is Twitter, there are still people who bring up points that Americans should consider. Conservative commentator Jesse Kelly happens to be one of those individuals.

On Monday, he posted a Twitter thread that has sparked a debate regarding the role of the American Right in addressing the ideological divide between red and blue states. The thread highlights the challenging decision faced by conservatives: whether to accept the consequences of blue states embracing policies that they consider unconstitutional and morally objectionable or to advocate for a stronger federal government to intervene and counteract these developments.

He tweeted:

The American Right will have to decide whether it wants a big federal government doing unconstitutional things to stop blue states from turning into Gomorrah or just let them burn in their own depravity.

Sadly, there isn’t a third choice.

As you might imagine, Kelly’s thread prompted a spirited debate with right-leaning individuals weighing in on which option would be the most appropriate. Others rejected the idea that there are only two options to deal with the evolving political landscape. Here are a few of the reactions:

Kelly’s thread begins by acknowledging the accelerating polarization between red and blue states. It posits that as individuals who align with conservative values increasingly migrate from blue to red states, the divide will become even more pronounced. Red states are expected to become “redder” politically, while blue states will become “bluer” due to an absence of conservative influence.

We have seen this trend playing out in the most recent Census results. People are fleeing blue states to live in red states in droves. It will not be surprising also to see that many, albeit fewer, people are leaving conservative-leaning states to find refuge in more progressive states as well.

The Twitter thread suggests that without intervention, blue states may adopt policies that the Right views as morally objectionable and potentially dangerous. Kelly contends that an unchecked blue state trajectory could lead to the legalization and normalization of actions that many conservatives find abhorrent. The concern is that without federal intervention, there will be no mechanism to prevent or mitigate these outcomes.

To address the predicament, Kelly proposes two options for the American Right. The first is to accept the consequences of blue states’ choices and allow them to face the repercussions of their policies, even if it means enduring the negative impact on the entire country. The second option is to advocate for the use of federal power to intervene and prevent blue states from pursuing their perceived disastrous course.

While the second option may seem appealing to those who want to protect traditional values, the thread acknowledges the inherent problems associated with a large federal government. It highlights the inefficiencies and potential abuse of power that can arise from an expansion of governmental authority. Many conservatives tend to view the federal government with skepticism and are wary of granting it more control.

The thread also acknowledges the current lack of federal power held by conservatives, making the option of federal intervention challenging in the present circumstances. The Right finds itself in a situation where it must grapple with limited means to address the perceived threats posed by blue states.

The article argues that allowing blue states to descend into what the thread describes as “Hades” would have significant repercussions for the entire nation. It raises concerns about the economic impact of policies such as banning diesel trucks, pointing out that the consequences of such decisions would be felt nationwide. The deterioration of blue states could have far-reaching implications beyond their borders.

Kelly’s summation of the situation in which America finds itself isn’t pretty, to say the least. It is true that blue states will continue trying to expand the role of the government to enact an authoritarian agenda. Their policies will undoubtedly lead to outcomes that will negatively affect the rest of the country.

However, if the right further embraces its own brand of authoritarianism to combat the left’s authoritarianism, it will only make for more authoritarianism. Who will be the most affected? It will be people who value liberty and freedom from the government dictating how we live our lives.

Using the power of government towards “good” ends might seem an attractive option to some. But it is impossible to wield that level of power without eventually becoming corrupted to the point that the difference between you and your enemies becomes indistinguishable.

A better option would be for liberty-loving folks to shore up power at the local, and if possible, the state level. In this way, we can create a bulwark against overreach coming from the federal government by nullifying and refusing to comply with the onerous laws it will undoubtedly pass to exert more control over the populace. If we are going to have government, it should be those that do not seek to rule over us. We need people who understand that the proper role of any governing authority should be to protect our natural rights. Any type of authoritarianism, whether coming from the right or the left, will only lead to a disaster that most of us will not see coming.

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