The 'Florida Man Bad' Strategy Might Not Work as Well as Trump Thinks

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Former President Donald Trump has taken a rather bizarre approach in his bid to secure the Republican presidential nomination for the 2024 race. Since shortly after he announced his candidacy, his strategy seems to be relying almost solely on a “Florida Man Bad” messaging effort.

What is odd about this affair is that the former president and prominent pro-Trump influencers have resorted to attacking Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, in some cases from the left.

Recently, his campaign sent and posted an email titled “The Real Ron DeSantis Playbook,” in which he criticized DeSantis’ record as governor on issues such as the “failing education system” and “failing medical” environment.

Trump also highlighted DeSantis’ ongoing feud with Disney over a controversial parental rights bill and slammed his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, he seemed to side with the corporation against the governor despite knowing that the base despises Disney more than Rep. Adam Schiff despises honesty.

I can’t tell if Trump knows something we don’t, or if he is just failing to read the room. Either way, relying on a Florida Man Bad strategy is not the smart move if he wants to maintain the considerable lead in the polls that he is enjoying at this moment. Instead of focusing on his record and showing the base why he is the man to beat President Joe Biden, he has seemed to be more obsessed with the Florida Man What Is Bad™.

If Trump wants the nomination, he is going to need to temper his strategy – especially after DeSantis formally announces his candidacy for the White House. The announcement will surely give him a bump in the polls. It is not clear whether it will be enough to overtake the former president, but it is sure to give him a much-needed boost. It is entirely possible that this race could get much closer than it is currently.

Instead of fixating on DeSantis, Trump has to offer a clear and compelling vision for the future of the Republican Party, rather than relying primarily on his own personal popularity. Ultimately, if Trump wants to secure the Republican nomination in 2024, he will need to convince voters that he is the best candidate for the job, rather than simply attacking his potential rivals. He would be better served by focusing on his successes and accomplishments during his stint in the White House.

During his presidency, Trump oversaw significant achievements in areas such as the economy, foreign policy, and judicial appointments. For example, his administration oversaw record-low unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanics, and women, and he secured major trade deals with countries like Mexico and Canada.

In addition, Trump appointed three Supreme Court justices, including the historic appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, which led to key rulings like Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen. He helped to broker peace deals between Israel and several Arab countries, something previous presidents failed to accomplish.

Rather than attacking his rivals, Trump should remind voters why they voted for him in the first place. By focusing on his accomplishments, Trump could attract moderate and independent voters who may be wary of his bombastic style and divisive rhetoric. He could also unite the Republican Party behind his candidacy, which would be crucial in any future election.

Of course, this does not mean he should stop going after his rivals completely. During the 2016 campaign, he did a masterful job of telling the base what policies he planned to implement while also pointing out the reasons why his opponents were not the right men for the job.

If he does not find this balance in this campaign, it is possible that his lead could shrink. Ultimately, Trump’s best chance of remaining a political force in the years to come will depend on his ability to build on his past successes and present a positive vision for the future of the country.

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