Transgender Woman Accused of Sexually Assaulting Women’s Shelter Resident in Canada

(Mark Blinch/The Canadian Press via AP)

Here’s another story illustrating the dangers of allowing biological men to occupy women’s spaces. A transgender woman was arrested in Ontario, Canada, over allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman in a women’s shelter.


Fox News reported:

Desiree Anderson, 32, also known as Cody D’Entremont, turned herself in hours after authorities issued a press release and mugshot seeking information on the suspect, according to the Windsor Star.

Police began investigating Anderson on April 4 following a report from a woman who claimed the suspect had climbed into bed with her and sexually assaulted her while she was staying a women’s shelter in Windsor.

The authorities indicated that they processed the suspect as a female despite his biological sex. Fox News also referenced a Toronto Sun report about a situation that occurred last August in which a transgender woman was “charged with two counts of sexual assault at a women’s shelter in Parry Sound, Ontario, after allegedly raping one of the women there.”

Despite the apparent dangers of allowing men to occupy women’s spaces, there are efforts in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom, and the state of California to normalize the practice in various institutions. WTTW published a report in 2020 about an inmate in an Illinois women’s prison who was allegedly raped by a transgender inmate.


From the report:

In a federal lawsuit filed last week, a Jane Doe inmate at the Logan Correctional Center in central Illinois said that after being sexually assaulted in June 2019, she was coerced by a supervisory officer into denying the attack took place and then punished for filing a “false” complaint under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

In 2020, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 132, which allows biological males to transfer to women’s prisons if they decide to identify as female.

“Yet even before laws and regulations started changing to incorporate “gender identity,” often stealthily that was largely hidden from the public via administrative processes men have been allowed to be housed with women on a case-by-case basis,” according to a report from the Christian Post.

Amanda Stulman, an attorney representing the U.S. chapter of Keep Prisons Single Sex told the outlet: “The reason there isn’t an outcry from the human rights community is that they have largely been captured by this ideology, which is not just accepted at international entities like the United Nations, but promoted by them. They have designated an independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity.”


In their obsession with implementing concepts related to gender theory in Western society, the authoritarian left has completely disregarded the wellbeing of biological women, who are being shamed into accept men in their spaces. For proponents of this movement, the reality of women being raped and suffering other types of assault is not enough to get them to reconsider. After all, if these women are being victimized, it’s a small price to pay for convincing the masses to pretend that men and women are essentially the same, right?

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