The Medical Profession Is the Newest Front in the Effort to Trans Your Kids

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Over the past three years, reports have been surfacing showing how progressives are pushing their ideas on gender identity in K-12 classrooms. They have managed to bend school districts and educators to their way of thinking and are using them to indoctrinate children into this ideology. But now, they have wormed their way into the medical profession as another way of promoting transgender ideology among kids.

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), in a collaboration with the Fenway Institute, is training doctors and other medical professionals to affirm a young patient’s chosen gender identity. In a training video reviewed by Breitbart News, you can see how doctors are taught to interact with a child who might be experiencing symptoms related to gender dysphoria.

From the report:

During the training video, titled “Talking with a Parent and Child About Gender Identity,” a doctor asks a young child, referred to as Sam, what his gender is. “Can you tell me, do you feel like a boy, like a girl, like both, or like neither?” the doctor asks the young child in the video before adding “There’s no right answer.”

Sam’s dad interjects, telling the doctor how the family has approached the topic. He also says “I don’t know, I think he just wants to be like his big sister.”

The doctor doesn’t offer a response to the parent, other than to simply say “Thank you for sharing. I would like to ask Sam.” He goes on to inquire “So what do you say Sam?” The child responds “I’m a girl.”

The doctor asks “How long have you known you’re a girl?” prompting the child to say “I don’t know, but a long time.”

“So when we’re talking about you, would you like us to say he or she?” the doctor asks, with Sam requesting that he be referred to as “she.” The doctor then responds simply “Okay, thanks” before the video comes to a close and displays the MUSC logo.

Breitbart also noted that the university ceased offering hormonal care for children identifying as transgender “after the South Carolina Freedom Caucus began preparing to pursue legislation banning child sex changes.”

This is already egregious enough, but it becomes worse when you look at how medical schools are indoctrinating medical students in the tenets of wokeism. The Washington Examiner reported that the Association of American Medical Colleges has launched initiatives to “promote social justice in a comprehensive manner” by urging these institutions to perform an inventory to evaluate their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies.

Do No Harm, a medical watchdog group, obtained documents from schools that performed the inventory. One document insisted that “Inequities cannot be understood or adequately addressed if we focus only on individuals, their behavior, or their biology.” It noted that the work of medical professionals should be focused on disrupting “dominant narratives” and supposedly “limit our understanding of the root causes of health inequities.”

Seems relatively harmless so far, right?

But wait, there’s more: “Narratives grounded in white supremacy and sustaining structural racism, for example, perpetuate cumulative disadvantage for some populations and cumulative advantage for white people, especially white men.”

Another report from the New York Post reviewed the application process for the nation’s top 50 medical schools.

“Nearly three-quarters of these institutions — and 80% of the top 10 — ask applicants about their views on diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism and other politicized concepts,” the author wrote. “The clear goal is to find the students who will best advance divisive ideology, not provide the best care to patients.”

Wokeism pretends to care about the plight of racial and sexual minorities. But it has a special place in its heart for transgender individuals, which is why its adherents are trying to inculcate children with this ideology. But now, they are not relying only on schools to carry out the indoctrination; they are using the medical field.

Fortunately, some folks have already recognized what is happening and have pushed back. The Libs of TikTok Twitter account and others exposed the transgender clinic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital for performing medical and surgical procedures on minor children suffering from gender dysphoria.

But the cold reality is that these evils are still being perpetrated largely because most Americans do not know they are happening. Even those who have heard of this troubling trend don’t understand just how deep it goes, which is why it is essential that more people speak out and inform people about the atrocities being committed against our children.



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