Biden Just Tanked Democrats’ Chances of Using the Mar-a-Lago Raid Against Trump

President Joe Biden may have singlehandedly deprived his party of what might have been one of its most powerful weapons to use against former President Donald Trump. At the moment, story after story is emerging showing that he is guilty of what Democrats and members of the activist media have accused Trump of.

If this situation is as damning as it seems, it might make Trump’s alleged offense look tame by comparison. Of course, this won’t stop the left from trying to leverage the issue against the Orange Man What Is Bad™.

RedState’s Nick Arama reported on three instances in which classified documents from when Biden was vice president were found in an office, his garage, and most recently, in his residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

Nick also noted that the Justice Department has not quite been as forthcoming with this information as it should have:

So now, not only did they cover up the November find before the election, but when they first told us about that on Monday, they didn’t even mention the second set of documents found in the garage, which they already knew about. On top of this, Attorney General Merrick Garland said he had appointed a U.S. Attorney to look into this on Nov. 10. So, why weren’t we told about that back in November?

During a recent press conference, Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioned the White House about Biden’s hypocrisy in calling Trump “irresponsible” for holding on to classified documents at his home in Mar-a-Lago. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did not have much of an explanation for this:

Ever since the FBI executed a search warrant at Trump’s home, there has been widespread speculation as to the nature of the documents they retrieved and, most importantly, how Democrats could use them against the former president. Many hoped discussed whether the agents found any material that could possibly lead to an indictment. Members of the activist media even went so far as to suggest Trump possessed nuclear secrets and could have been planning to sell them to China, Russia, or another enemy of the United States.

But the furor died down as the focus turned to the midterm elections. But what has been interesting is that after the elections were concluded, and the aftermath abated, the Justice Department was conspicuously silent on the matter. Some, including myself, predicted that Trump would be indicted after the midterms, possibly in the new year. This could still happen.

However, it is worth noting that the timeline might offer a reason for the DOJ’s silence on the matter. The first batch of Biden’s documents was discovered on November 2. The second, which was found in his garage was revealed on December 20. The latest batch, which was located in Biden’s Delaware residence came to light on January 12.

Is it possible that the DOJ has not moved on Trump because Attorney General Merrick Garland and the gang knew Biden was possibly guilty of the same offense with which they planned to charge the former president?

I would say so.

Garland and his crew knew that at some point, the revelations about Biden’s documents would come to light. Would it not be quite inconvenient if they surfaced while they were in the middle of legal proceedings against Trump? After all, if they are going to try to have the former president arrested for illegally keeping classified documents, what would this say about their current boss?

Of course, it is still possible they may come up with another reason to charge Trump even if they have to reveal their own hypocrisy. Furthermore, the best they could possibly hope for would be to expose information that might damage Trump politically as they probably would not be able to secure a conviction.

But at this point, it seems clear that this issue has become a double-edged sword. If they target the former president over this offense, the nation would clearly see that the agency is playing favorites and trying to protect its Dear Leader. In fact, I can imagine Democrats fuming behind closed doors at their president for foiling their strategy. Now that one of their most potent weapons has been taken from them, it’s back to the drawing board for these folks.



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