Washington Post Columnists Still Whining After Midterm Elections

AP Photo/Matt York

Democrats avoided a brutal shellacking in the 2022 midterm elections. Everyone expected that Republicans would win big this year, but that didn’t happen.

Nevertheless, leftists are still whining incessantly about their political fortunes. Two columnists with The Washington Post published op-eds in which they waxed melancholically about America’s political future despite the fact that their party didn’t do so horribly in these races.

Kathleen Parker wrote a piece insisting that even though the midterms have concluded, “chaos is surely in front of us.” Why? Because “[w]eirder Republicans have been returned to power” and the “twice-impeached Donald Trump is in a run for the presidency – again.”

Oh, the horror!

Even worse, the “uber-MAGA activists are even more delusional in their belief that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.”

Parker puts it simply: “To the question of what could go wrong: Everything.”

She then brought up the “angry hordes” that rioted at the Capitol building on Jan. 6 because leftists just can’t get enough of that particular incident. She claimed that back then, she “sensed that the drama we were witnessing wasn’t the culmination of something but the beginning of a long battle for the country’s future.”

Parker then made the laughable claim that “[t]oday’s Republicans are worse than today’s Democrats because of Trump and the cult he has created through lies, mass deception and old-fashioned circus trickery.”

You didn’t really expect her to go a full article without doing the “Orange Man Bad” routine, right?

Of course not. In fact, she next went to another favorite progressive trope: Demonizing white folks:

The gradual chipping away of democratic norms and widespread loss of faith in traditional institutions began decades ago. But the Trump phenomenon gave form and function to a simmering, ambient anger among lower- and middle-class White voters, whose grievances and resentments were affirmed by a man who had everything.

He told them they were right, and that’s all they needed to submit their loyalty.

Dana Milbank also wrote a piece complaining about Republicans. Specifically, he took issue with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and others announcing that the GOP would be launching investigations into Hunter Biden and other matters that won’t make Democrats look great.

“Reporters tried to ask questions about other topics. Comer cut them off,” Milbank whined. “’If we could keep it about Hunter Biden, that would be great,’ he said, explaining that ‘this is kind of a big deal, we think.’”

The author then took issue with the fact that Republicans wish to reverse the Democrats’ plan to add 87,000 more IRS agents. He wrote:

Great idea! After a GOP campaign focused on crime, their first legislative act will be to protect criminals. They’ll try to block the hiring of IRS enforcement personnel (the true number is much less than 87,000) assigned to crack down on the wealthiest tax cheats. Voters who elected Republicans to fight inflation and gas prices might be feeling puzzled, if not swindled.

Milbank also shed tears over plans to stop sending billions of dollars to Ukraine for a war that does not involve the United States. “Not too long ago, the Republican Party stood against Russian aggression,” he wrote. “But with the GOP’s single-digit majority in the new House, the oddballs hold all the power.”

Imagine pretending that wanting our country to mind its own business is somehow “oddball.” Then again, to the establishment types, the notion that America shouldn’t be intervening in unnecessary conflicts is anathema.

But as much as I’m making fun of folks like Parker and Milbank, they aren’t wrong to be nervous about the future. Yes, Democrats didn’t take the beating they were expected to take, but they did not exactly win either. Moreover, the Republican lawmakers who will be in Congress next year are not the establishment types leftists are used to. There is a new breed of conservative lawmaker, and this type is willing to fight for their agenda rather than just finding new and innovative ways to give Democrats what they want.

Additionally, the investigations that Republicans are starting are sure to cause great political damage to the Democratic Party. If they can keep them going over the next two years, the left’s chances of holding the White House will decline considerably.


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