Progressive ‘Journalists’ Claim Georgia Is Limiting Voting to Celebrate Robert E. Lee - One Problem With That

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The activist media is at it again. This time, they are employing yet another “Everyone we don’t like is racist” tactic against the state of Georgia. Apparently, after their Jim Crow 2.0 narrative fell through, they had to figure out another way to claim the Peach State is raaaaycisss.


MSNBC’s Joy Reid, during a recent segment, played a clip of Sen. Raphael Warnock, who will be facing his Republican challenger, Herschel Walker, in the runoff election. Said Warnock:

“We should be striving to give the people of Georgia fair access to the ballot box. We just saw an election in November where the people of Georgia made it clear that they want to use Saturday voting. Hundreds of thousands of voters, Georgia voters voted on Saturday. They have demonstrated what they want. And there’s nothing in the law as it is currently written to prevent it.”

Reid noted that Warnock “announced he’s filing a lawsuit to allow Georgians to vote early on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.”

The media activist continued:

“Because of a law Republicans passed in 2016, it is currently illegal in Georgia to have early voting on any day that immediately follows a state holiday. And Friday, November 25th, is technically a state holiday. Celebrating the birthday of none other than Confederate general and literal traitor, Robert E. Lee.”

Naturally, there is one serious problem with Reid’s comment: It has absolutely no basis in reality whatsoever.

But Reid was not the only one to perpetuate this lie. CNN’s David Axelrod posted a tweet on Tuesday claiming that [d]ropping a day of early voting before the Georgia runoff because of a  holiday originally meant to honor Robert E. Lee” is “egregious.”


Mark Niesse, a reporter with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, also reported that the prohibition was related to General Lee’s birthday.

Jamie Dupree, an independent media activist, noted that it seems “a little wacky that a Confederate holiday in Georgia gets in the way of early voting for the Senate runoff on Dec. 6.”

The lie became so widespread on social media that Gabriel Sterling, COO of the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State, had to set the record straight. In response to Axelrod’s deceptive tweet, he wrote:

David…the law says no Saturday voting following a Thursday or Friday state holiday. Thanksgiving is the reason for no Saturday voting. Please correct your tweet. It was passed years ago so county workers had their holiday, and the real world problem of getting pollworkers then.


So, in essence, that particular Saturday would not have had early voting because it was two days after the Thanksgiving holiday, not because of General Lee’s birthday. In fact, Stacey Abrams, the Voting Rights Maven™, voted for the law about which these people are complaining. As of this writing, none of the aforementioned media activists have bothered to correct their original tweets with the correct information.

Why not?

Because they are not journalists, they are activists. Their aim is to influence, not inform.

Sure, we expect authentic reporters to make mistakes from time to time. But one of the signs that an individual in the media is trying to practice journalism is how they respond when they mess up. In this case, these folks didn’t correct their error because the reality is that none of them care about the truth. Their audience believes Georgia is stopping voting in order to honor a Confederate general, and that is just fine with them.

No wonder trust in the media is at an all-time low.



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