Kanye West Just Keeps Digging the Hole Deeper

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At this point, it is almost as if rapper Kanye West wants to be canceled. The artist, who now goes by the name “Ye,” continues making controversial remarks about the Jewish people even after losing billions of dollars worth of business deals and earning national scorn.


About two weeks ago, he ignited outrage and fury, on the airwaves and interwebs, after he posted a tweet saying he was going to go “deathcon 3” on Jews. That tweet came after he posted a text message exchange between himself and fellow rapper Diddy, in which he made other anti-Jewish comments.

He continued his weeks-long tirade against Jews in a series of appearances on various podcasts. Adidas, Balenciaga, JP Morgan Chase, and several other companies with which he was doing business severed their ties with him as a result.

But Ye hasn’t stopped yet.

On Friday, during an interview, he displayed a spreadsheet on his phone that was created in 2013 that included the names of Jewish executives who head top media brands, and doubled down on his comments despite having apologized for them earlier. Included on the spreadsheet were individuals working for Paramount, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, Disney, and others.

The post reflected anti-Semitic tropes demonizing Jewish people for controlling media and other important industries. The trope has been used to stoke anti-Jewish sentiment among bigots who blame them for the evils occurring in the world.

He also indicated that he did not realize that it was considered anti-Semitic to note that some of the business associates with whom he works are Jewish.


“I didn’t realize that it was anti-Semitic to say hey you know, I have a Jewish attorney, I have a Jewish record label, I have a Jewish contractor,” he said.

When he was asked if he would walk back some of the remarks he made earlier, he pulled out the list.

“The red [sic] are the executives that are Jewish at these companies,” he explained.

But he didn’t stop there. He also blamed a Jewish doctor for his mental condition:

The thing about the red hat that drove me to a point of exhaustion, which was misdiagnosed by a… I’m not going to say what race, what people… doctor and what hospital and what media went to. We know I can’t say that. It was a Jewish doctor.

Then, he issued a much-anticipated apology to the black community for his comments regarding the murder of George Floyd. But, he also raised eyebrows when he said, “I know how it feel [sic] to have a knee on my neck now.”


Ye is not doing himself any favors. The artist could have easily clarified or walked back his earlier remarks. But instead, he continues to double and triple down on his sentiments regarding Jews. Perhaps he thinks the situation will blow over. However, even it that is possible, it won’t happen if he continues reaffirming these views. Nevertheless, it seems he is willing to deal with the consequences.


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