Here’s Why I Signed the Letter Condemning Racist Attacks Against Clarence Thomas

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When the Supreme Court handed down its ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, a massive outpouring of outrage ensued. The pro-abortion left excoriated the court for its widely-anticipated decision. While five justices voted to do away with Roe, Justice Clarence Thomas received the bulk of the vitriol.


In fact, white progressives all over social media removed their anti-racist masks and replaced them with virtual white hoods as they went full Bull Connor on Thomas for his legal opinion on the ruling. They hurled numerous invectives and racial slurs against the justice, engaging in the exact type of behavior they claim to abhor when it comes from someone who isn’t on their political team.

These racists used terms like “dumb field n***er,” “house n***er,” and “dirty porchmonkey” to refer to Thomas.

Black conservative commentators Glenn Loury and Robert Woodson Sr. penned an open letter published on RealClearPolitics, condemning the blatantly racist attacks. They wrote:

We, the undersigned, condemn the barrage of racist, vicious, and ugly personal attacks that we are witnessing on Clarence Thomas – a sitting Supreme Court justice. Whether it is calling him a racist slur, an “Uncle Tom” or questioning his “blackness” over his jurisprudence, the disparagement of this man, of his faith and of his character, is abominable.

The letter continued, arguing that Thomas is “entirely undeserving of the vitriol directed at him,” and that “[c]haracter assassination has become too convenient a tool for eviscerating those who dare dissent from the prevailing agenda, especially when it is a black man who is dissenting.”

A number of black men and women, including myself, signed the open letter.

Here is a list of black and white, high-profile leftists who denounced the blatant racism these people directed at the Supreme Court Justice:





That’s right, not a single one of them bothered to criticize those spitting racial slurs at a prominent black man. For people whose paycheck depends on them accusing as many people of racism as possible, they were conspicuously silent on this particular display of racial animus. But we already know why these folks had nothing to say about the racial slurs used against Thomas, don’t we?

The reality is that most of these people do not care about racism as much as they would have people believe. To them, racism is perfectly acceptable as long as it is directed against a black man they don’t like. In these instances, referring to an uppity negro like Clarence Thomas as a “n***er” or “porchmonkey” is permissible because he does not conform to progressive orthodoxy.

I’ve said it many times: So-called progressives do not view racism as a societal ill to be destroyed; they see it as a political weapon to be wielded against their political opposition. This situation is one of several proving that I’m right.

If you want to see whether someone truly believes what they say, look at how they apply it when it is not politically expedient. In this instance, white progressives couldn’t help themselves. The Supreme Court’s decision compelled them to display the racism they conceal so effectively when they are trying to impress their black friends by being good allies.

But lurking underneath the Black Live Matter flags in their front yards and the novel’s worth of social media posts complaining about other white folks is the racism they claim to detest. Now that they have seen they can use racial slurs without fear of reprisal, it is probable that we will see even more of this behavior, because prominent black folks on the left are too busy tap dancing for the white progressives who pay them to call Republicans racist. They are, in essence, doing precisely what they accuse black conservatives of: Running cover for white bigots. But this is fine because they are the good bigots, aren’t they?


I signed the letter because the racism directed at Thomas was wrong, full stop. If it had been racists attacking Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, and someone asked me to sign an open letter condemning them, I would gladly sign that letter as well, while using my platform to rip them to shreds. Why? Racism is wrong, regardless of the political affiliation of the one engaging in it.

This is not a difficult concept to understand.

But when one places politics before principles, this is the type of feckless hypocrisy that results. The question is: If racism is truly the problem progressives claim it is, why are they so willing to ignore it when it is done by people who agree with their political views?


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