Quisha King and Jeff Charles Discuss Guns, Mass Shootings, and the Second Amendment

Quisha King and Jeff Charles talk about gun rights and the Second Amendment. Credit; Quisha King/YouTube

Guns are all the rage on the political scene after a series of mass shootings that have occurred over the past couple of months. Instead of seeking actual solutions, Democrats are set on targeting law-abiding gun owners. But when will our politicians finally get serious about the issue, and look at real ways to deal with this problem?


I joined the Quisha King Show to discuss the matter. We talked about measures like arming teachers, more security, and other ways to deter would-be mass shooters from targeting schools. But we also talked about the overall debate on gun rights–and why people finally realize that the government cannot protect them.

These are the types of conversations Americans need to be having. The anti-gunner lobby is intent on disarming the public as much as possible under the guise of trying to keep us safe. The tide is turning in this battle, but those who support gun rights must keep pushing to make sure these folks do not get their way.


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