Media Activist Demonizes Christian for Sharing Faith at Highland Park

As if the mass shooting at Highland Park wasn’t already being politicized enough, at least one member of the activist media thought it appropriate to draw attention to a man trying to offer some comfort to residents of the community in the wake of the tragedy. The problem? The man was a Christian sharing his faith, which is a big no-no to some folks.


Sophie Carson, a media activist with USA Today posted a thread in which she documented her coverage of the aftermath of the shooting at the Fourth of July parade on Monday. In one of the tweets, she highlighted a Christian man who traveled to the area from Indiana to share the gospel with some of the residents. She posted a picture of the man, who was carrying a cross at the time. She wrote:

This man, who is not related to the victims, came here from Indiana with a cross to share his message of Christianity.

Highland Park has a large Jewish population. Some of the women I was speaking to were a little rattled by this.

Note how the alleged reporter doesn’t quote any of the women who were “a little rattled” at a Christian showing up to share his faith. In fact, it does not seem that most of the folks there were bothered by him at all. As you can see in the picture, there are other journalists interviewing him. As of this writing, there are no reports suggesting he was being disruptive in a way that would rattle anyone.


Yes, Highland Park has a large Jewish population. About one-third of the city’s residents are Jewish – meaning it is highly likely that there are plenty of Christians living in that area as well. A man with a cross preaching the gospel seems rather anodyne considering what just happened there on Monday.

This also brings up some other obvious questions. What if the man had been a Muslim sharing his Islamic faith? What if he were a Buddhist offering comfort? Would Carson, or any other member of the activist media post this tweet?

Of course not.

While Carson does not outright criticize the man, it is clear her tweet was supposed to cast him in a negative light simply for sharing his faith. Even if none of the residents are interested in converting to Christianity, it does not seem that his presence was a hindrance to those trying to make sense of what they just experienced. But what does that matter if there is an opportunity to take a shot at Christians?


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