Turns out President Biden Is Just Fine With Defunding the Police

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Remember how President Joe Biden, along with several of his Democratic allies, tried to distance himself from the “Defund the Police” movement? Well, it seems he might have been more on board with that agenda than he previously indicated. Indeed, the White House has been very accommodating of anti-police activists who argued in favor of slashing law enforcement budgets across the country.


Fox News reported:

Despite maintaining public distance from the “defund the police” movement, President Biden’s administration has quietly maintained relationships with some of the driving forces behind the far-left movement, White House visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital show.

Several defund the police activists have visited the Biden White House and met with top aides over the last year, White House visitor logs show.

That’s right. Even though Biden has tried on numerous occasions to use pro-police language to differentiate himself from the more radical elements in the Democratic Party, his administration has been quietly indulging them. Even further, he has even appointed them to key positions in the White House.

Rashad Robinson, who heads Color of Change, a far left-wing activist group, visited the White House last summer to meet with Cedric Richmond, who was then a top adviser for the president. He has since stepped down from his position.

Color of Change was one of the more prominent groups advocating for the slashing of police budgets after the murder of George Floyd – especially in Minneapolis. In a 2020 tweet, Robinson argued for cutting New York’s police budget:


“Defunding the police isn’t just about reducing harm from the police. It’s about ensuring other parts of the community aren’t starved for funds. A step in the right direction – but make no mistake, this barely makes a dent in the NYPD’s $6 billion budget.”

Biden’s White House also had a visit from a member of the Marguerite Casey Foundation, another far-leftist anti-police organization. Carmen Rojas, president and CEO of the group, has been a vociferous proponent of defunding the police. She met with Nia Page, Richmond’s special assistant, at the White House in December 2021. In April of last year, she tweeted:

“So many people are twisting themselves into word pretzels. They say we need justice in one breathe & not all police are bad in the next. We must be unwavering in our commitment to freedom. The best way to realize it is to defund the police and support abolition. Period.”


This particular group has gone even farther than others in the quest to slash police budgets. The group “has also awarded millions of dollars to woke college professors and scholars who have advocated for abolishing prisons and teaching anti-Capitalist views.”

Latosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter, is another proponent of defunding police who has been invited to the White House. From Fox News:

According to the White House visitor logs, her contact person in July 2021 was Vincent Evans, who worked in Vice President Harris’s office before leaving to be the executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).

The report lists several other high-profile individuals who supported the “Defund the Police” movement. This development flies in the face of Biden’s insistence that he takes a more moderate approach to dealing with crime. Despite criticism from the far left, he called on states to allocate stimulus funds to law enforcement agencies. However, it appears he isn’t as gung-ho about being tough on crime as he would like us to believe.


This is no surprise, however, given that his administration continues to wink at the far-left progressive faction of the Democratic Party, who continue targeting police despite the unpopularity of their proposed policies. Right now, the White House still needs to keep up appearances when it comes to convincing people the administration takes crime seriously. But will they pivot after the upcoming elections are over?


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