Progressives Have a Hissy Fit Because Tampa Bay Ray Players Won’t Celebrate Pride Month

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Progressives just found yet another reason to be offended. Apparently, a group of athletes refused to fall in line with the left’s celebration of Pride Month. Some Tampa Bay Rays baseball team members opted not to wear rainbow-colored logos on their uniforms as a part of the team’s yearly “Pride Night” event on Saturday. The celebration is designed to support the LGBTQ community.


The New York Post reported:

Tampa Bay Rays manager Kevin Cash addressed it after Sunday’s game, saying he doesn’t think it’ll negatively impact the clubhouse because discussions among the players over past few weeks were constructive and emphasized the value of differing perspectives.

“First and foremost, I think the organization has done a really good thing to have Pride Night’s supporting our gay community to come out and have a nice night at the ballpark,” Cash said. “Impressed that our players have had those conversions and we want to support our players that choose to wear or choose not to wear to the best of our capabilities.”

Reliever Jason Adam, one of the players who chose not to wear the logo, explained that for him, it was a “faith-based decision.” During an interview with the Tampa Bay Times, he said, “It’s just what we believe the lifestyle [Jesus] encouraged us to live for our good, not to withhold.”

He added: “But we love these men and women, we care about them and we want them to feel safe and welcome here.”

During the event, members of the LGBTQ community participated in pregame activities and handed out miniature LGBTQ flags to fans.

While the story has not elicited national outrage yet, there were still plenty on the left who took issue with the players’ decision not to honor Pride Month. LGBTQ Sports writer Cyd Zeigler excoriated the team on Twitter:

Tampa Bay Rays management completely screwed up their Pride Night, as at least 5 players refused to wear a rainbow saying they reject gay “behavior.”

This will undermine the support the team and most players & coaches have shown the #LGBTQ community.


Para-Sport and soccer commentator Chris Hockman also jumped into the social media fray, accusing the players of being hateful towards the alphabet community. He tweeted:

Chris Sale at the White Sox got 5 games for cutting a jersey that he thought was uncomfortable but @RaysBaseball not only let these men flaunt their hatred of the LGBTQ+ community they also gave them a stage to talk about how much they hate the LGBTQ+ community.

Actor and noted biblical scholar John Fugelsang also weighed in and displayed his firm grasp of the scriptures. “Except for the minor Biblical fact that Jesus never said a fucking thing against lgbt people,” he tweeted.

In 2022, this reaction is not surprising. Not too long ago, even the left didn’t get this bent out of shape if someone expressed disagreement with homosexuality as long as they weren’t trying to use the government to limit their rights. But now, it is no longer sufficient to affirm one’s right to sleep with whomever they choose even if they disagree with it – one must now celebrate non-heterosexual orientation regardless of their personal or religious beliefs. This demonstrates the progressive’s desire to force people to embrace their viewpoints on everything from sexuality to race.


Imagine how these folks would react if a baseball team tried to compel players to wear a MAGA logo or a cross on their uniforms. We all know they would have a collective meltdown. Indeed, even Christians would criticize this type of treatment. But for progressives, it’s not enough just to accept that people have different lifestyles, we must also join in and become cheerleaders as well.


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