Desperate Anti-Trumpers Hoping to Squeeze Some More Milk out of Jan. 6 Riot

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic. But we already knew the left was not going to let go of the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol – especially in an election year when they have nothing on which to run. Now, with the Democratic Jan. 6 Committee set to go public with its findings in a series of televised hearings this week, the usual anti-Trumpers are making the rounds in the activist media to gin up hype about the upcoming clown show. Unfortunately, this is not going to do what they want it to do.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), in an appearance on “CBS Sunday Morning,” claimed that the committee has supposedly unearthed evidence of an “extremely broad” and “well organized” conspiracy to facilitate the violence at the Capitol building. Reporter Robert Costa asked Cheney if she was confident the committee’s findings would “grab the American people by the lapels and say, ‘Wake up: You have to pay attention?’”

Cheney replied:

“I am. The threat, and it’s an ongoing threat, you know, we are not in a situation where former President Trump has expressed any sense of remorse about what happened. We are, in fact, in a situation where he continues to use even more extreme language, frankly, than the language that caused the attack. And so, people must pay attention. People must watch, and they must understand how easily our democratic system can unravel if we don’t defend it.”

She continued, saying that she has “not learned anything that has made me less concerned.”

When Costa asked if she believed the riot was the result of a conspiracy, she answered, “I do. It is extremely broad. It’s extremely well-organized. It’s really chilling.”

But Cheney was not the only one doing a media tour for the upcoming hearings. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is famous for falsely claiming for a year that he had evidence that former President Donald Trump without ever giving us the goods, also participated in the action. The lawmaker intimated that the hearings would bring to light detail of the riot that the public has not yet seen.

Host Margaret Brennan asked if the committee would need to hear from former Vice President Mike Pence about Trump possibly turning on him in a way that would present a “security risk.”

Schiff responded:

“Margaret, we’re not commenting on specific witnesses so I can’t confirm or deny who will appear before us. I can say that certainly one of the themes that we will be fleshing out is the- the fact that in advance of the 6th, that there was an understanding of the propensity for violence that day, of the participation of white nationalist groups, of the effect that the continued propagation of this big lie to rile up the country and rile up the president’s base was likely to lead to violence. So you will see that theme among the narratives that will be exhibited during these hearings. But as to a particular witness, I really can’t comment.”

Brennan then asked, “but if you don’t deliver a bombshell on Thursday, don’t you run the risk of losing the public’s attention here?”

Schiff replied, indicating the public has already seen enough bombshells. “The American people, I think, know a great deal already. They’ve seen a number of bombshells already,” he said. “There’s a great deal they haven’t seen. But perhaps most important is the public hasn’t seen it woven together, how one thing led to another, how one line of effort to overturn the election led to another and ultimately led to terrible violence, the first non-peaceful transfer of power in our history.”

While Schiff and Cheney seem to be hopeful that the hearings will benefit their political agenda, Michael Fanone, one of the Capitol police officers who were present during the riot, may have placed a wet blanket on their agenda. In a conversation on CNN, he said he did not believe the hearings would have much of an effect on the upcoming congressional elections.

“Unfortunately, I don’t believe that it’s going to move the needle,” he said. “I think most of the people in this country are indifferent towards what happened on Jan. 6, and everyone else is pretty well encamped in their side of the political aisle.”

He explained that Americans are now “indifferent” because of “where it happened and the fact that it involved a political rally.” He added: “I think people are just tired of politics in Washington, D.C.”


Unfortunately for the beleaguered Democrats, Fanone’s assessment is spot on. The American public has moved on from the riot. While most understand it was a horrific incident, it is not the most pressing matter at the moment. Not a single person is going to the gas pump thinking, “Man, these gas prices are killing me. But it ain’t as bad as Jan. 6!”

People are concerned about putting food on the table, keeping their jobs, and making sure they don’t go broke. They are worried about their children’s education and affordable healthcare. The actions of a bunch of nutjobs in 2021 are not keeping people up at night. Moreover, nobody for a second actually believes the riot was the result of some conspiracy – the FBI already determined as much.

Unfortunately for the Cheneys and Schiffs of the world, they simply don’t realize that not everyone is as obsessed with Trump as they are. These hearings will come and go. Then, Americans will get back to what matters most: Jobs and the economy, stupid.


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