More Corporations Cut Ties With GenderCool Project After State Farm Backlash, but There's a New Twist to the Story

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

State Farm recently found itself in hot water when it was revealed it might not be such a “good neighbor” after all. Last week, a report showed that the company was involved in distributing books promoting transgenderism among minors to public schools and libraries.

A whistleblower told Consumers First, a project of Consumer Research, that the insurance giant partnered with The GenderCool Project, a nonprofit organization that works to cast a positive light on children transitioning to other genders. Along with its activism, the group has produced books tailored to kids from Kindergarten and older, meaning it markets its material to children as young as five years old.

Consumer First reported that State Farm partnered with GenderCool to have its agents pass out the group’s books on transgenderism and gender inclusivity in public libraries and schools. The news elicited a tremendous backlash from members of the communities the company serves and even its agents, who became upset at receiving hundreds of nasty phone calls complaining about the insurance company’s dubious partnership.

The company later issued an apology for distributing this material without trying to notify parents. The organization’s Corporate Responsibility Analyst, Jose Soto, announced it was severing its ties with The GenderCool Project last Monday.

But now, it appears other corporations who partnered with the organization have decided to follow suit. Less than 24 hours after State Farm announced its decision, other companies did the same.

Just the News reports:

By Wednesday afternoon, nine of the remaining 22 entities on the partner page Tuesday night were gone: Capital One, NBC Universal, General Mills, Adobe, Indeed, Bank of America, Sprout Social, Oracle and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the last of which disappeared within hours of Just the News asking for an explanation of its partnership.

Most were still indirectly tied to the project by their partnership with an LGBTQ workplace nonprofit that has long partnered with GenderCool. Out and Equal Workplace Advocates counts more than 200 corporations as partners, including State Farm.

Five government entities — USDA, FDA, NSA, State Department and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago — are also listed as partners with Out and Equal. Four didn’t respond to queries, and one declined to talk on the record.

However, GenderCool seems to be playing it, well, cool, in a new twist to the story. John Grosshandler, founder and chairman of the group, told Just the News in an email that nobody had “reached out to us privately indicating they plan to” cut ties with the organization. “Importantly, none of the other corporate partners have bought books to be voluntarily distributed to libraries,” he continued.

John Grosshandler added that State Farm was the only partner to leave this year and the first to leave in this way. He claimed the reason so many other company logos disappeared from its website is that the group had updated the page listing its partners from the past four years–to make sure the information is current.

It wasn’t already bad enough to have transgender ideology being injected into the public school system. There has been a fiery debate raging about schools pushing far-leftist ideology into K-12 classrooms over the past two years. But now, it appears corporate America has been getting in on the act.

It is not yet clear which members of State Farm’s leadership made the decision to partner with GenderCool. But those at the C-level deny knowledge of the partnership. This situation raises a slew of questions. What other questionable partnerships is the company engaging in? How many books were distributed so far? What about other companies partnering with GenderCool? Have they participated in the same type of activity?

It also makes one wonder how deeply other corporations have gone in helping progressives push their gender ideology to children. GenderCool, in particular, works with corporations to provide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity (DEI) consulting to “create best practices for inclusivity in the workplace” and provide “input and guidance on best ways to evolve benefits for transgender employees and parent employees of transgender and non-binary children.”

But the organization’s work isn’t limited to the corporate sphere. They also offer one-on-one support in areas including “[i]nclusive school policy,” among other areas. This means they are working with learning institutions as well. This could easily be another area where the far-left is trying to indoctrinate children. It will be another area to watch as the debate continues.


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