BREAKING: Shooting at Laguna Woods, California Church Leaves One Dead, Four Injured

Multiple people were shot Sunday after a gunman opened fire at a church in Laguna Woods, California, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. The assault killed one person and injured five. Law enforcement apprehended the alleged shooter at the scene.


The Sheriff’s office reported on Twitter that each of the victims was being transported to the hospital, one of whom had minor injuries:

Dispatch received call of a shooting inside Geneva Presbyterian Church at 1:26pm. Four victims have been critically wounded , one with minor injuries. All victims are adults and are enroute to the hospital. One victim is deceased at the scene.

The agency also noted the “suspect was detained at the scene.”


The motive for the assault has not yet been identified. Law enforcement officials recovered the firearm used to carry out the shooting. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) also responded to the scene.

Laguna Woods is located in Orange County about 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles. Law enforcement is expected to give a press conference on Sunday.

As this is a breaking story, RedState will provide futher updates as they become available.



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