Democrats Have Adopted the Most Ridiculous Strategy for the Midterms

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Just when you thought the Democrats couldn’t get any dumber, reports like this one are published. Democratic lawmakers plan to use a midterm strategy that is sure to fail – unless their plan is to get utterly humiliated in the upcoming congressional elections.

Politico reported that Democrats plan to convince the American public to give them another chance controlling Congress by “[t]urning the campaign into a contrast with Donald Trump and the Republicans.”

That’s right, folks. Democrats think they can win by focusing their energy on “Orange Man Bad.”

This probably sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

From Politico:

President Joe Biden and his team are hoping to spend the spring and summer months drawing sharp distinctions with Republicans, one in particular. They still plan to push forth revived pieces of stalled agenda. But they’re also eagerly awaiting potentially explosive findings from the Jan. 6 select committee and hope those discoveries can inflame a battle brewing within the GOP over former Trump’s legacy and power.

President Biden appears to have tested the waters with this strategy during a recent visit to the west coast. “This ain’t your father’s Republican Party,” said Biden during his speech. He claimed the GOP is “the MAGA party now” and that its politicians “are afraid to act correctly, because they know they’ll be primaried” if they don’t stay in former President Donald Trump’s good graces.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the report notes that regardless of the ridiculousness of the plan, Democrats might not even be able to execute it effectively. “Previous efforts to reframe the conversation have failed, as the White House has been overtaken by outside forces, leaving the president unable to stay on message and Democrats frustrated with a lack of direction coming from the West Wing,” the author wrote, also noting that “[f]our Democrats close to the White House said that officials there do not frequently provide surrogate talking points – a key component for any political operation to stay on message.”

The lack of cohesion between the White House and Democratic operatives has created a scenario in which surrogates do not have ready answers for questions about the president’s legislative agenda, decisions on immigration, and other matters. It has resulted in a free-for-all approach that isn’t exactly conducive to an effective messaging strategy. If the left cannot stay on message as a unit, their efforts to persuade the American public to support them are doomed to fail.

The president’s advisers have also anticipated that Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter might work in the Democrats’ favor. They believe the Tesla CEO will reinstate Trump’s account, which could cause problems for the GOP. Politico explained:

The consensus among Biden aides about Trump’s possible return: it could cut both ways. While the former president would eat up an extraordinary amount of political oxygen, it’s also possible that he would push the Big Lie or feud with fellow Republicans and damage the GOP’s otherwise strong chances of regaining at least one house of Congress. The more the election becomes about Trump, the better the Democrats’ chances become, many in Biden’s orbit believe.

Trump already indicated that even if invited back to the platform, he will not return. However, those advising Biden do not believe Trump.

Before you laugh, this might be the only point Democrats are getting right. Yes, Trump said he’s not coming back, but one can’t be blamed for not believing that the former president could resist the temptation to troll on the platform once again. It is almost like placing a mirror in front of CNN’s Jim Acosta and asking him not to gaze longingly at his reflection.

If Trump returned to Twitter, it would make it much easier for Democrats, and their close friends and allies in the activist media, to make the election about him. It’s precisely the gift they want. Moreover, the former president would almost certainly give in to his bull-in-a-China-shop tendencies and wreak havoc among Republicans – especially those he feels are not supportive enough of his agenda.

Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that even if this scenario were to materialize, it does not mean the Democrats’ strategy will work. The party has exhausted most of its political capital by thoroughly screwing up every situation with which it was faced. It has failed to pass meaningful legislation or develop solutions to problems like inflation, crime, and gas prices. President Biden has made an utter mess of things, especially when it concerns the Afghanistan withdrawal and the ongoing migrant crisis. At this point, it would take a miracle for Democrats not to lose big in November.


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