Democrats’ ‘Immigration Reform’ Should Be a Non-Starter for Republicans

Townhall Media/Katie Pavlich

Among all of the issues plaguing the Democratic Party at the moment, immigration is one of the worst. Amid President Joe Biden’s migrant crisis, Democrats are struggling to find a solution that might be amenable to the American public and limit the damage they sustain from the brutal shellacking they will receive in the upcoming congressional elections. Left-leaning lawmakers are desperately trying to find their way toward coming up with a viable solution for immigration reform. But unfortunately for them, they are not likely to find success.

When President Biden took office, one of the first steps he took was to lay out a sweeping immigration agenda that involved granting a pathway to citizenship for tens of millions of illegal aliens currently residing in the United States. He also vowed to make it easier for migrants to gain entry into the country and develop more benefits for immigrants. Indeed, Biden’s statements before and after the 2020 campaign are the reason America is facing an unprecedented migrant crisis.

Politico reported:

The current intraparty schism over the Biden administration’s decision to end a pandemic-era deportation policy is dominating legislative debate on the Hill and reverberating in the nation’s toughest battleground races. It’s also a painful reminder that the Democratic dream of comprehensive immigration reform is all but dead for the foreseeable future, with ultra-slim majorities and a GOP that views broader reform as a nonstarter without addressing a rise in border crossings.

From the beginning, it was obvious that Biden and his merry band of Democratic lawmakers were going to have an uphill battle when it came to passing his sweeping immigration agenda. With razor-thin majorities in both chambers in Congress, the idea that they could essentially push for amnesty without offering serious reforms to immigration enforcement was laughable. But even other parts of the Democrats’ plan have been stymied.

The president vowed that he would do away with the Title 42 order implemented under the Trump administration. The measure allowed border enforcement authorities to immediately turn away or deport migrants coming from countries dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. It took him almost a year to attempt to rescind the program, but a federal judge placed a temporary block on this move. Lawmakers from both parties criticized the White House for attempting such an action without having a viable plan in place to address the inevitable surge to the southern border that it would cause.

To make matters worse for the open borders crowd, the Senate’s nonpartisan rules official has repeatedly stopped Democrats from moving immigration reform legislation forward without Republican votes. “And after Biden’s own campaign promise to deliver reform, including a pathway to citizenship, many lawmakers and advocates are bracing for consequences at the ballot box,” according to Politico.

“Ending this Congress without immigration reform will be a big letdown for the immigrant community,” said Rep. Chuy García (D-Ill.). “We said that if we could win both chambers and have the White House, that would be the alignment. There is great expectation that this is the moment, and if it doesn’t happen, it will be a long wait again.”

Last week, senators from both parties met to discuss a potential solution for immigration reform. While these talks are only in their infancy stages, some are hoping they can find a way to break the impasse. There are several provisions being considered. This includes visas for health care workers and accommodations for migrant farmworkers. However, one should not hold their breath on this one. Any proposal put forth by Democrats will be met by a counterproposal from Republicans requiring stringent measures to curb the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. This is something the open borders crowd will not abide.

Republicans need to hold the line on this one. Realistically, there won’t be much of a chance for real immigration reform until the importer-in-chief is out of office, and there is absolutely no valid reason to consider any Democratic proposal on immigration if it does not include robust measures that will curb the flow of illegals into the United States.

When it comes to legal immigration, they must not allow any provisions that take work away from Americans. They should only agree to immigration in areas where there is a clear need. Public opinion is on the GOP’s side on this issue, so Biden will not be able to use his bully pulpit to castigate them for blocking reforms. Unfortunately, America might have to wait another few years to see any real movement on this issue.


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