Democrats Call Republican Senators Racist for Treating Ketanji Jackson Like Everyone Else

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Here we go again. Democrats have found yet another opportunity to falsely label their political opposition as racist. The Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson began on Monday and the left is already characterizing Republican senators as vicious racists for daring to question her qualifications.


Even Mr. Magoo could have seen this coming from a mile away. Several members of the left-wing chattering class have already started lobbing erroneous accusations of racism at GOP lawmakers for questioning the nominee.

Professional race-baiter Elie Mystal wrote a piece for The Nation in which he predicted Republicans are going to do all kinds of racisms to keep Jackson from being appointed to the Supreme Court. He wrote:

And yet. Republicans are still going to Republican. Even if they can’t stop Ketanji Brown Jackson, they’re going to engage in all manner of nastiness, just to rile up their racist, violent base. Republicans demonize Black people because it makes them money, and their attacks on Jackson will be repeated in fundraising material all across the country. Here then is an overview of what to watch out for over the next few days during the confirmation hearings.

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel also suggested that daring to question parts of Jackson’s record is an indicator that GOP senators spend their weekends burning crosses in white hoods. “These hearings, they give a number of our Republican senators the chance to compete in one of their favorite events: the subtle racism jamboree,” he said.


He added: “That would be the GOP’s ultimate nightmare: having this decided by two black women whose names they can’t pronounce.”

Political commentator Juan Williams also joined in on the fun in a piece for The Hill. In the article, Williams suggests that every Supreme Court nominee who was not a white male faced bigotry and argued the same would be true of Jackson. “Given that track record, I expect the GOP and their allies in the right-media echo chamber to use every wink and nod of racist attacks to deny Jackson a court seat,” he wrote.

Surprisingly, Williams also included Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as an example of a black man who faced racism from Democrats during his confirmation hearings. Even though I disagree, I can respect the consistency.

The accusations of racism were about as predictable as President Joe Biden’s gaffes. After all, it is the Democrats’ favorite political tactic, n’est ce pas? But it is not difficult to see through the bovine excrement, especially in this case.

Anyone who pays attention to politics knows that what Jackson is going through is par for the course. Every Supreme Court nominee is thoroughly vetted and scrutinized before taking the bench. Republicans are not treating her any differently from others who have sought a position on the highest court in the land. Indeed, it is clear that she will not have to endure the same process as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh or Clarence Thomas. Whether she is confirmed or not, it would be foolish to ascribe her treatment to racism. But what else would we expect from the left?




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