Democrats Whining About GOP Concerns Over Ketanji Brown Jackson Can Take Several Seats

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Something tells me that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing will be filled with much hypocrisy coming from the left. Indeed, after Sen. Josh Hawley brought up legitimate concerns about her record as a trial judge, when it comes to her sentencing decisions in child pornography cases, the left erupted in an explosion of hand wringing and pearl clutching.


Leftist author and pundit Elie Mystal dialed the hysteria up to 11 during an appearance on MSNBC, in which he pretended Hawley was trying to incite violence against the judge.

“He is trying to get violence done against a Supreme Court nominee.”

Sen. Dick Durbin also weighed in on the matter, complaining about Hawley’s tweet. During an appearance on ABC News’ “This Week,” he said his GOP colleague was “inaccurate and unfair in his analysis,” and that “Judge Jackson has been scrutinized more than any person I can think of.”

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates also criticized the senator, calling his tweets “toxic and weakly-presented misinformation that relies on taking cherry-picked elements of her record out of context,” and claiming it “buckles under the lightest scrutiny.”

The activist media also did its part to run interference for Judge Jackson, publishing reports attempting to cast doubt on Hawley’s claims about her record. CNN, for its part, defended Jackson’s apparent leniency on people convicted of possessing child pornography. The author wrote:

It’s also not surprising that Jackson’s sentences ended up lower than the guidelines, as it has become a norm among judges to issue sentences below the guidelines in these child porn cases that don’t involve producing the pornography itself. The guidelines are viewed as out-of-date by many judges, particularly for how they treat the use of computers and other elements that can enhance a sentence under the guidelines.


Attorney Kira Anne West told the activist media outlet that “[m]any of the judges don’t apply (the enhancement) because it is so archaic.”

The outlet also argued that “[l]ess than a third of non-production child porn defendants received sentences within the guidelines in 2019, according to a report last year from the US Sentencing Commission, and for 59% of the offenders, the variance was downward.”

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers President Martín Sabelli told CNN that Jackson “is not an outlier” in her rulings on these types of cases. “She exemplifies the approach of the vast majority of federal judges in this context and in other contexts,” he added.

To put it simply, CNN is essentially arguing that Jackson’s leniency in these cases is just hunky dory because other judges have ruled in similar fashion. Democrats are going to need to come up with something better than that, if they want to shield her from scrutiny.

But there is something even more telling in this story. Note the righteous indignation Democrats are showing because Hawley dared to raise concerns about Judge Jackson’s records. In this piece, I only gave but a small sampling of the whining coming from the left.

However, we are old enough to remember how they treated Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. It wasn’t enough to raise concerns from his records and question his experience. The left mobilized to concoct an entire, false smear campaign designed to make him look like a rapist, despite lacking a shred of credible evidence and shaky testimony from one of his accusers. Even after the second and third accusers’ stories were revealed to be deceptive, the left continued in its effort to smear Kavanaugh.


Now, these same people are taking umbrage at Sen. Hawley for raising legitimate questions about Jackson’s record, which is a normal part of the confirmation process. It’s not yet clear whether the judge will be confirmed, but there one thing of which we can be certain: She won’t get treated nearly as badly as Kavanaugh. So, those simpering about Hawley’s questions can have a football stadium’s worth of seats.



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