Democrats’ Progressive Faction Is in Serious Denial

Democrats’ Progressive Faction Is in Serious Denial
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Progressive lawmakers in the Democratic Party just can’t seem to take the hint. At this point, it is abundantly clear that nobody likes them. But they still insist that America loves their silly socialist solutions. If the phrase “lack of self-awareness” were a group of people, it would be The Squad and the rest of their ilk.

Unfortunately for less-insane Democrats, the far-left has become a ball and chain wrapped tightly around the ankles of the party and will undoubtedly be one of a mile-long list of reasons why they are headed towards a major shellacking in the midterm elections. In response to claims that progressives are dragging the party down, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) took to Twitter to defend her crew.

“In case you hadn’t caught on by now, every time there’s a media push blaming progressives, there’s something conservative Democrats are trying to cover up,” she tweeted. “This time it’s that they sent 4 million kids into poverty because they killed the Child Tax Credit.”

The Marxist maven continued: “Don’t get distracted.”

The Washington Times reported:

The Child Tax Credit expired last year after President Biden failed to unify his Democrats behind a $1.75 trillion social welfare and climate bill that included an extension of the program, which sent monthly payments of $250 or $300 per child to parents making up to $150,000 a year.

Lis Smith, a Democratic strategist rightly called BS on Bush’s meanderings. She even provided some valuable advice for the party, telling the Washington Times: “If you are spending your time during a global pandemic renaming schools instead of opening them, please find another party.”

“It’s imperative for normie Dems to separate themselves from these toxic positions,” Smith added. “They don’t work anywhere but on Twitter.”

Given what happened in San Francisco this past week, it is clear the Democrats have an uphill climb, if they are going to have a snowball’s chance of maintaining control of the legislature, and that ball and chain is getting heavier. When parents voted to oust three progressive members of the city council because they prioritized renaming schools instead of getting kids back to class, they sent a warning to Democrats nationwide: Stop messing with our children, you feckless bastards.

An internal poll conducted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee revealed horrific news for the party: The GOP’s messaging strategy is working, and voters’ opinions are turning against the left. It revealed that America’s perception of Democrats has soured considerably.

About 64 percent of respondents agreed with the statement: “Democrats in Congress support defunding the police and taking more cops off of the street.”

This is not a good sign for moderate Democrats, who have been trying to distance themselves from the anti-police rhetoric that had become commonplace among the Marxist crowd. The survey also showed that 57 percent of participants in battleground congressional districts concurred with the statement: “Democrats in Congress have taken things too far in their pandemic response.”

But this is not a new problem for the left.

Indeed, debate among Democrats over the far-left’s influence began after the 2020 election when Republicans picked up 12 House seats, narrowing the left’s majority. Members of the moderate faction of the party harangued the likes of Bush and the rest of the Squad, citing “defund the police” and “abolish ICE” rhetoric as detrimental to their cause.

Predictably, the far-left has not learned its lesson and seems to be living in a dream world full of avocado toast and soy milk. It would not be hard to imagine that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) regrets her decision to kowtow to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the rest of the gang, after they first came to prominence.

But, it’s too late. RedState’s Bonchie recently pointed out that “those chickens are coming home to roost, and there’s nothing the  Democrat Party can do about it.” He continued:

The time to put constraints on them was early in 2019 when it became clear “the squad” had every intention of gaining major influence over their party’s direction. Instead, they were promoted as the future — at the expense of far more palatable moderates who were also swept into power after the 2018 election.

At this point, it is abundantly clear that, unless the GOP manages to do something so skull-hammeringly stupid that it costs them victory in November, the Democrats will lose control of the House and possibly the Senate. It is all but a foregone conclusion.

But what will happen after 2022? Will the Marxist crowd re-evaluate their performance? Will there be any soul searching? If Bush’s delusional denials are any indication, we can expect to see more of the same.

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