The Lincoln Project Is Hanging on for Dear Life

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The Lincoln Project is trying desperately to remain relevant in a political world that seems to have moved on from the band of Never Trumpers whose entire platform is based solely on opposition to former President Donald Trump. Nevertheless, they are persisting in making themselves look like total buffoons.

Fresh off their utter humiliation in the Virginia governor’s race, the Trump-obsessed group has released an ad laying out their “road map” for the next year. You might have already guessed that their ultimate objective is to get more Democrats elected. Pretty shocking, right? The ad includes a voiceover that says:

“The Republicans know what they’re doing: Costing lives by fighting vaccinations and smart responses to COVID. Dividing the country with racial propaganda. Embracing violence and domestic terror tactics all to pave the way for Trump’s return and a GOP takeover. We’re the Lincoln Project, and we’re here to do one thing, defeat them. Join us. Get in the fight.”

For starters, the ad is completely dishonest, which is typical for the Lincoln Project. Republicans are not fighting vaccinations – they are fighting vaccine mandates. There is no widespread movement in the GOP to prevent people from taking the jab if they so choose.

The claim that Republicans are “embracing violence and domestic terror tactics” is laughable, considering the fact that the Lincoln Project had nothing to say about the widespread rioting and looting that occurred last year. The one riot carried out by Trump supporters pales in comparison to the rampant violence that took place after the murder of George Floyd.

But what is truly interesting about this is the fact that the Lincoln Project still seems to believe they will continue to be relevant in the coming years despite the fact that the small level of influence they enjoyed previously is rapidly waning. To put it simply, people stopped taking these people seriously a long time ago.

Remember when Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the Lincoln Project out shortly after the 2020 elections? She castigated the group for getting funding that could have actually gone towards serious people. She tweeted:

It’s not too late for them to do the right thing. Lincoln Project should take the L and publicly pledge to give a lot of their fundraising to the people who actually made a big difference.

The lawmaker continued:

There’s potential incentive bc @ProjectLincoln is def in scam territory w these results. It’s a pretty  bad rep even tho GOP has a thing for failing up. Come clean, say “listen, we thought it’d work, it didn’t,& in good faith we’re gonna raise X mil for these ppl who deserve it”

Lincoln Project co-founder Steve Schmidt tried to issue a mea culpa in the form of a creepy, thirsty tweet asking to ally with the lawmaker.

But this was just the beginning.

Now, even Politico is admitting that the Lincoln Project has overstayed its welcome. Authors Christopher Cadelago and Meridith McGraw wrote:

The outside political organization headed by disaffected Republicans and other top Democratic operatives has experienced caustic blowups, internal disputes over beach house-level paydays, and disturbing allegations involving a disgraced co-founder. A recent campaign stunt evoking the march on Charlottesville to close the Virginia governor’s race earned them near universal scorn. And one of the organization’s most recognized members is facing blowback for rooting for another Trump nomination on grounds that he’d be the easiest Republican to beat in the general election.

The article notes that co-founder Rick Wilson has supported the idea of Trump running in 2024 because he believes it would be easier for a Democratic candidate to defeat him. His fellow co-founder, Charlies Sykes criticized his comrade, saying “this is the mother of bad ideas” and that “[i]t ignores the fact that Trump could actually be elected again, and you would’ve thought we had all learned our lesson from playing games with that possibility the last time.”

People close to the organization told Politico that “there have been internal tensions and disputes with Schmidt, who resigned from the board of the Lincoln Project after the sexual misconduct charges against Weaver surfaced.”

But even worse, it appears the Lincoln Project’s leadership’s attempts to ingratiate themselves with the Democrats have blown up in their faces. Tim Lim, a Democratic digital strategist, said:

“Most of the left is not sure why they’re still around. That’s the prognosis in story after story, and it’s been brutal for them.”

The organization also appears to be experiencing a bit of financial distress. “In the first half of 2021, the most recent figures available, the group raised $4.8 million and spent $8.7 million, an exceedingly high burn rate,” according to Politico.

Not surprisingly, team Trump is not all that concerned about the Lincoln Project. Politico noted:

Despite the intense focus on rattling Trump, people close to the former president say he hasn’t been moved by Lincoln Project’s recent attacks. But he and his allies still delight in taking digs at the organization.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Trump said the Lincoln Project was a “sad group.” “Democrats are abandoning the group not just because they’ve been terribly ineffective, but because they are worried that the last shoe has not dropped. Yikes!”

The Lincoln Project has experienced a devastating series of losses over the past few years. The organization has been repeatedly revealed as a grift that has done little to move the needle in favor of the Democrats. They are like a puppy constantly begging for scraps at the table at which Democrats are dining.

Their performance during the Virginia gubernatorial election has likely stripped away the pea-sized bit of credibility the Lincoln Project had left. Going forward, it is unlikely the group will have any modicum of influence, which means its leadership had better find a new grift, quick.


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