Instagram Censors Evolutionary Biologist for Saying What Everyone Knows About Transgenders in Sports

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It is perfectly fine if leftists wish to live in a fantasy world. But it is not okay for them to try to force everyone else to live in said fantasy world.

Instagram recently censored a post from Colin Wright, an evolutionary biologist. His crime? Posting about a study showing that biological men were more proficient than biological women in most sports.


The study, which is titled “Transgender Women in the Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on Testosterone Suppression and Performance Advantage” was published in Medicine & Sports in Sports & Exercise, a peer-reviewed scientific publication.

The Daily Mail reported:

Colin Wright, who has been published in the Wall Street Journal and was in academia for 12 years, posted a chart from the study – conducted by researchers at University of Manchester and Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm –  showing that biological males have a performance advantage over biological females across many Olympics-contested sports.

The study was published shortly before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, which had the most transgender athletes ever competing in the games. It revealed that even after three years of hormone therapy, transgender women still have significant advantages over biological women. This prevents women’s sports from having a level playing field.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine also published the findings of a study that produced similar results. The Daily Mail noted:


Both studies found that the reductions to strength, lean body mass, muscle size and bone density through the use of typical testosterone suppression regimes shows a minimal difference compared to the average difference between biological men and women, leaving them with a performance advantage.

Wright’s views on gender and sex are controversial, but he told the Daily Mail that he is “extremely careful” to refrain from posting anything that is “mean-spirited.” Nevertheless, the left has labeled him as transphobic. These people are nothing if not predictable.

The biologist on Twitter criticized Instagram for censoring him, accusing the company of lying when it says “you can ask us to review our decision if you think we made a mistake.”

According to Instagram’s guidelines, it will “remove content that contains credible threats or hate speech.” However, there was no hateful language in Wright’s post.

The study Wright posted reveals only what we all know: Men and women are different. Men are physically stronger than women. Pretending this isn’t the case is absurd. Yet, the hard left would have us participate in the fantasy that men can actually become just like biological women. Censoring this type of content is one of the ways in which so-called progressives attempt to force their fantasy world on the rest of the nation.


For them, it is not enough for people to accept that some individuals believe they are the opposite sex. We have to participate fully in the illusion, lest we be labeled as ‘phobic.’ They understand they will not be able to persuade most people to buy into their charades, so they use censorship and other means to render us compliant. It is yet another reason why these people should not be allowed to have more power.


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