This Media Effort to Redefine Biden’s Migrant Children Crisis In Truth Exonerates Trump

This Media Effort to Redefine Biden’s Migrant Children Crisis In Truth Exonerates Trump
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It is almost sad to see their desperation.

As I covered yesterday, the Biden administration is grappling with a mounting crisis at the border, the result of his rushing to appease his base with promises of benevolent actions regarding immigrants. The President has passed nearly one dozen executive orders which opened up the border, leading to a massive problem after just 40 days in office. Last week NBC News managed to come forward with details showing that the US immigration currently has over 7,000 unaccompanied minors in its protection. Next, Axios obtained internal documents laying out how widespread the problem has become for the administration, with record amounts of the youths pouring across the border.

Now comes the ridiculous announcement from the administration: certainly timed with the Friday document-dump vacuum in the news, Biden has informed the youth immigrant holding facilities they can fully open up to the pre-pandemic occupancy levels. This is an amazing declaration, as many of our schools for the citizen students are either fully closed or opened, but with classroom size restrictions. Both the administration and the sympathetic members of the mainstream press (that is, most of them) are struggling with how to frame this mounting crisis.

The reality that Joe Biden is contending with the very issue the press demonized loudly for years under President Trump is exposing the fealty and the hypocrisy in the media. Biden dealing with a surge of children exposes the lie of Trump forcibly prying kids from parents for years, and the fact that Biden is in a rush to open back up those accursed holding facilities diffuses the claims they were cages in concentration camps. 

With this new announcement we can see clearly, in just one tweet from CNN, both the struggle the press is experiencing and the lengths they will go to recast Biden’s actions which are exactly the same as what Trump went through during his term.

Let us note the euphemisms at play here in order to make this self-created fiasco at the border seem less dire and more benevolent than had been reported in the past few years. Look at the terms Alvarez resorts to to paint the Biden problems in a gentler light — we can contrast this by showing what was used to describe prior immigration efforts against those same ones used today. Look at how they described Trump vs. Biden on the matter.

Concentration Camps — ‘’Facilities’’

Jailing Children — ‘’Caring for Children’’

Kids ripped from their mother’s arms — ‘’Migrant Children’’

Crisis — ‘’Extraordinary Circumstance’’

This reframing of reality is done for a number of reasons. They need to make this appear as if Biden is overwhelmed with a new problem while eliding the detail that it is something as a result of his own efforts. They also cannot report accurately on the issue or it will expose how Trump dealt with the very same reality, one in which they demonized. And if the surge taking place now is cast too negatively then Biden’s work at opening the border is exposed, as well as Trump’s moves at closing the border down appearing more pragmatic. 

So the word games are the solution. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is working hard at new descriptions for what were previously considered dire practices. “We have to look for facilities and places where we can safely and humanely have these unaccompanied minors in the interim,” Psaki told reporters Friday. No mention of cages will ever be made, you see. Biden has also called for the second-largest minor holding facility to reopen, in Homestead Florida. It has been given a new name — The Homestead Immigrant Detention Center has now been rechristened to the more pleasant sounding Biscayne Influx Care Facility.

So as most of the press is employing its gaslight lexicon to describe the border crisis the reality was exposed with a Q & A between Psaki and Fox News reporter Kristin Fischer. When asked pointedly about the issues at the border Psaki deflected, even once resorting to playing ‘’The Mother Card’’ while not answering directly. 

This appears to be what the ongoing narrative of the kids at the border issue will be shaped as by the press. Things appear worse than when Trump was in office, but they are better because…well, because it is not Trump. Biden’s holding facilities for kids are better because they renamed them. What is being seen right now is an ‘’extraordinary experience’’ — not a crisis — because it sounds better if they sell this as something that could not be helped, rather than the problem it is, caused by deeply flawed policy.

The media will continue to struggle because they need to spin this in a positive way for Biden, all while not excusing Trump for doing the very same things. It is an impossible task, of course, and just like Biden, they are in this mess because it is a problem of their making.

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