Poll Reveals Americans See That Biden Royally Fouled Up Afghanistan Withdrawal

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Things just keeping getting worse for President Joe Biden because of his inept handling of the situation in Afghanistan. A little over a week after it became clear that the Taliban was going to regain power as the U.S. withdrew its troops from the region, Americans are none too happy about how the Biden administration has facilitated this fiasco.


CBS News and YouGov released the results of a poll on Sunday showing that the vast majority of Americans believed that President Biden handled the Afghanistan withdrawal badly. In fact, three-fourths of Americans felt the president’s handled the situation either “somewhat badly” or “very badly.”

About 21 percent of respondents indicated they believed Biden handled the withdrawal “somewhat well,” while a paltry five percent think he handled it “very well.”

This particular survey also found that the president’s approval rating is split down the middle with 50 percent approving and 50 percent disapproving of his performance in office.

Interestingly enough, the majority of participants (86 percent) blamed the Afghan government for the resurgence of the Taliban. Moreover, about 60 percent believed that the threat level to the United States would change now that the terrorist organization is ruling the nation while 36 percent indicated there would be no change to the threat level.

None of these results are surprising. Anyone could see how badly the Biden administration has handled this particular disaster. But what is noteworthy about this ongoing saga is that the activist media has not been shilling for the president as much as usual. Indeed, while some have attempted to defend the botched withdrawal effort, there have been several reports criticizing the White House.


It makes one wonder what these numbers would have looked like had the media decided to run interference for Biden as they would with most Democratic administrations. Or, perhaps the reason the media isn’t doing its usual Ministry of Propaganda to defend the president is that they know they wouldn’t be able to get the American public to believe he is actually doing a decent job. Maybe they realize the public isn’t quite gullible enough to buy that type of fiction.

Regardless, the fact that Americans are decidedly critical of how the president is facilitating the effort to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies might prove to be another weakness for the Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. It is also appropriate to speculate that 2024 isn’t far enough away for American voters to forget this particular SNAFU.


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