Democrats Are Channeling Josef Goebbels With Jim Crow 2.0 Narrative

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Always accuse your enemy of that which you are guilty.”

This is a quote that has often been attributed to Josef Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s propaganda czar. While it is not a direct quote, it is a reframing of comments he made at Nuremberg. But more importantly, it is a maxim that is highly relevant to the conversation over race in America – especially when it comes to the Democrats’ penchant for using black trauma to propagandize the nation.

RedState’s Kira Davis wrote a piece about a black mother in Atlanta who is suing her daughter’s school district because the school which her child attended was “separating students into white and black classrooms.” In essence, the school was allegedly practicing segregation, which is against the law.

The mother, whose name is Kila Posey, was taken aback when she learned what her child’s school was doing. While the district has stated that it rectified the matter, Posey is still continuing with her lawsuit in the hopes that the individuals responsible for trying to reinstitute segregation are fired.

But Posey’s situation is one of several that have cropped up across the nation as the hard left pushes its efforts to teach elements of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and other forms of wokeism in America’s classrooms. Teachers and others have complained about their schools imposing segregation based on skin color in the name of promoting “antiracism” and “equity.”

I’ve previously written about multiple cases in which teachers and parents pushed back on attempts to segregate students and staff. In Illinois, a teacher named Stacy Deemar sued her school district for separating teachers by skin color during various training sessions. She also noted that the curriculum that was introduced contained problematic concepts like “whiteness is a bad deal,” and others.

In New Jersey, Dana Stangel-Plowe resigned from her teaching position in June because of the school’s decision to push wokeism in the classroom. In her resignation letter, she also described how her former employer separated teachers by skin color during trainings. She also said a member of the leadership threatened to fire all of the white teachers and replace them with minorities.

On my show, “A Fresh Perspective with Jeff Charles,” I spoke with Gabrielle Clark, a member of No Left Turn In Education, who has also filed a lawsuit against her son’s school district for compelling him to participate in exercises in which students were labeled as “oppressed,” or “oppressor” based on skin color and other traits. The way the school imposed this woke theology on her son and other students caused him to fail to graduate because he would not participate in the exercises and assignments.

These examples are only a sample of what has been occurring in the classrooms. It is the reason why so many parents have showed up at school board meetings to protest the introduction of wokeism into the curriculum. It is why people are now running against these school board members all across the country to ensure that they are no longer able to indoctrinate their students.

Yet, while their cohorts are actively pushing segregation in schools, hard leftists are parading around the country railing against election laws passed by states like Georgia and Texas, pretending that conservatives are bringing about a new Jim Crow. They are pushing the “For the People Act” which would give the federal government control over elections instead of allowing states to decide how they should be run. They are touting this legislative proposal as the next “Voting Rights Act,” as if black voters will somehow be prevented from voting if it is not passed.

Texas Democratic state lawmakers fled the state for a taxpayer-funded vacation in Washington D.C. under the guise of lobbying in favor of the For the People Act. They even went so far as to viciously murder the song “We Shall Overcome” on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building. In essence, Democrats have concocted a narrative designed to get younger Americans to believe that they are somehow involved in a civil rights battle on par with the 1960s Civil Rights Movement. They have these gullible folks believing that they are the next Martin Luther Kings and Malcolm X’s.

While pretending to crusade against a new iteration of Jim Crow, they are actively supporting programs that mimic the policies that were in effect during the actual Jim Crow era. In this way, they are not only diminishing the experience of people who truly lived under the oppression of that period in America’s history, they are either ignoring or actively supporting segregation in the classroom.

It’s a clever strategy, isn’t it? If they know they want to push CRT and segregation in each of America’s institutions, they need a way to distract from what they are doing, don’t they? What better way to cover up the racism they are perpetuating than by accusing Republicans of that which the Democrats are doing?

Still, on a positive note, it does not appear their strategy is working. The reason they are focusing on election laws is that they lost the battle on voter ID, which is why you don’t hear them caterwauling about it as much as they used to. Now, they just focus on the laws as a whole, giving vague and nebulous arguments explaining how it is equivalent to a modern-day form of the poll tax.

The problem? Nobody is buying what the Democrats are selling except the people who already want to buy it. They are not actually changing minds on this issue. These laws will remain in place.  These laws will remain in place. If and when the For the People Act fails, the Democrats’ only recourse will be to use it as race-baiting fodder and pretend it is evidence that the United States is racist. But once the midterm elections roll around and people realize there are no white supremacist militias stationed at polls to prevent black people from voting, the furor will die down and the left will go back to square one.


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