Destroying Racism One Master Bedroom at a Time

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Black and white progressives have a horrible habit of celebrating the absolute most ridiculous bullsh*t as if they are notable steps in the quest for equality. Indeed, much of what these people tout as actual achievements are nothing more than empty symbology intended to give the appearance that the hard left actually wants to see black Americans prosper.

Enter attorney Ben Crump, who rose to fame representing black victims of police brutality and lecturing America on how unbelievably racist it is. On Monday, he posted a tweet celebrating the fact that Minnesota will no longer use the term “master bedroom” in real estate listings. Why? Because it supposedly reminds people of slavery or something.

Crump tweeted:

Words MATTER! Good to see Minnesota phasing out the use of “master bedroom” in real estate listings. Many associate it with slavery, a repetitive reminder of plantation life. Together, we can create more inclusive, aware communities!

See? I’m not making it up.

Crump’s tweet included a link to a Star Tribune article on the story. The author wrote:

Browse through home listings today and you’ll find terms like “primary bedroom,” “dual closets” and “in-law suites” instead of “master bedroom,” “his-and-hers closets” and “mother-in-law suites.”

It’s part of a new real estate terminology that’s emerging during a time of racial reckoning and pleas for more inclusive language.

Jackie Berry, a listing agent for Edina Realty, who also teaches a racism and real estate class, told the Tribune that there is “a hidden discriminatory piece that falls when you say ‘master bedroom.’” She explained that as a person of color, she didn’t “like how [the term] sounds.” Instead, she prefers to use terms like “owners’” or “primary suite.”

The article explains that Minnesota realtors had already been “phasing out the word ‘master’ because of its association with slavery,” but that the trend did not pick up until after the murder of George Floyd. Berry said:

There’s been an increased awareness and wokeness since George Floyd’s murder. We’re seeing racial justice work being put into play.

I suppose we can all celebrate. Now that realtors are refraining from using the term “master bedrooms” we can all rest assured knowing that racism in America has finally been defeated.

In all seriousness, this is the type of empty bovine excrement I’m talking about. It’s the same type of stupidity that can be seen in the Black Lives Matter mural trend that popped up in various major cities after George Floyd. Democratic politicians touted these murals as if they were a demonstration of how much they truly care about the black community.

These things are nothing more than a smokescreen, and they know it.

In fact, many black people are aware of it as well. Even black folks who vote Democrat criticized these officials for thinking they could put up murals in lieu of creating actual change to deal with the police brutality issue.

But this is part and parcel of the approach that Democrats and their close friends and allies in the activist media have taken for decades. High-profile black activists have co-signed this foolishness, trying to con black people into believing they actually care when they are actually posturing for white progressive approval.

Very few of these people actually want positive change. They talk a great game. They say all the right things. They make all the right gestures. But they won’t hold their own accountable, preferring instead to blame everything on the Republicans who don’t even run cities with high black populations.

Meanwhile, black Americans are still dealing with racial disparities brought about by Democratic policy and other factors. They are still disproportionately experiencing police brutality in cities run by so-called progressives.

And the Democrats won’t do a damn thing about it.

Why should they? These people know they won’t be voted out because there is no other party competing for the votes. When it comes to local elections, black people typically have only two choices: Vote for a Democrat, or vote for a Democrat.

To make matters worse, many of the activists who claim to be fighting for change are nothing more than grifters seeking to gain clout and money. People like Shaun King are prime examples of this reality. In the end, nothing will change until these people’s positions are threatened and removed. Hopefully, the Republican Party will wake up to this reality sooner rather than later.


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