BREAKING: Progressive Activists Demand That the Name ‘Dinger’ Be Labeled a Racial Slur

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Denver, CO – In the wake of a controversy involving a man allegedly shouting out a racial slur during a Colorado baseball game, progressive activists are calling for some changes to the nation’s racist epithet lexicon.

When footage of the incident surfaced, it elicited widespread outrage on Twitter among people who do not reflect ordinary American life. The footage appeared to show the man shouting the N-word in front of a public crowd of people who apparently did not take umbrage at his use of the invective.

Later, it was revealed that the man was not yelling the N-word, he was simply trying to get the attention of the team mascot, whose name is “Dinger.” The term “dinger” also refers to hitting a home run.

Nevertheless, progressives on social media decided that it is best to continue pretending the man said the N-word because “being outraged is tons of fun,” according to a random Twitter user.

However, some progressive activists have found a way to continue reveling in their righteous outrage while feeling like they are doing something to combat racism. Hugh Rackham, founder of “End Racism In Sports,” a nonprofit dedicated to rooting out racial bigotry in the sports arena, indicated that the term “Dinger” should now be considered a racial slur “because it kinda sounds like the N-word if you’re not listening too good.”

Lina Paisley, a Denver-based activist concurred, explaining the word could be offensive to people of color. She said:

The guy at the Rockies game might not have actually shouted the N-word, but Dinger with the hard ‘R’ sounds racist enough, doesn’t it?

However, it appears that the issue might go even deeper than that. There are also discussions as to whether black Americans will adopt the word in their vernacular to turn it into something positive. The group of activists, who are 100% white, debated whether “dinga” could be an alternative to “dinger” and whether white people would be allowed to use the version without the hard “R.”

It is also worth noting that some have found this idea to be beneficial because it allows them to continue being outraged over this incident even though the man did not actually say the N-word. Ian Poppyseed, another local – and very white – progressive activist speculated that they could make their outrage retroactive. He said:

If we start considering the D-word to be a racial slur, then we can still be mad at the guy for saying it even though his microaggression was committed before the relabeling of the term. It means we can find out who he is, dox him, and get him canceled. I bet he’s written the D-word at least a few times in Facebook posts over the year. This is how you fight bigotry.

RedState interviewed Darnell Hawkins on the matter and asked if he believes black Americans would be amenable to bringing the word “dinga” into their everyday lingo. He responded: “What? Dinga please.”


(Editor’s Note: Clearly, this piece was penned using the sarcasm font. Just pointing that out for those who don’t regularly partake in satire.)


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