President Biden Just Got More Bad News on the Vaccination Front

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President Joe Biden’s goal to get at least 70% of the country vaccinated might never come to fruition. The results of a recent poll show that the White House might fall significantly short of the objective they announced earlier this year.

Despite promising to get almost three-fourths of Americans to take the jab by the Fourth of July, the administration was unable to deliver. According to a survey conducted by the Associated Press, that target might be unattainable.

The AP’s report revealed that most Americans who have not yet been vaccinated have no plans to do so. It also showed that these individuals do not believe the vax would be an effective method to prevent being infected with the delta variant.

From the Associated Press:

Among American adults who have not yet received a vaccine, 35% say they probably will not, and 45% say they definitely will not, according to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Just 3% say they definitely will get the shots, though another 16% say they probably will.

What’s more, 64% of unvaccinated Americans have little to no confidence the shots are effective against variants — including the delta variant that officials say is responsible for 83% of new cases in the U.S. — despite evidence that they offer strong protection. In contrast, 86% of those who have already been vaccinated have at least some confidence that the vaccines will work.

Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious diseases specialist at Johns Hopkins University, told the AP that the results of this survey mean “that there will be more preventable cases, more preventable hospitalizations and more preventable deaths.”

The doctor continued, acknowledging that “some proportion of the population would be difficult to persuade no matter what the data showed” and that “a lot of people are beyond persuasion.” He continued, repeating claims by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky who called the uptick in COVID cases “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” due to the fact that almost all hospitalizations and deaths have included people who have not been vaccinated.

The AP-NORC survey was conducted before several Republicans and conservative cable news personalities this week urged people to get vaccinated after months of stoking hesitancy. That effort comes as COVID-19 cases nearly tripled in the U.S. over the past two weeks. As it stands currently, about 56.4% of all Americans have taken at least one dose of the immunization.

Not surprisingly, the poll’s results fell largely along party lines. The AP notes that “Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to say they have not been vaccinated and definitely or probably won’t be, 43% to 10%.

Many Americans are refusing to take the jab for a variety of reasons. Some older folks might be hesitant because they have conditions and lifestyles that make the inoculation riskier than not taking it. This is especially true of people who may have had adverse reactions to vaccinations in the past.

Younger Americans might not be willing to take the vax because they are already in good health and it is been shown time and time again that people in this category are far more likely to survive an infection. For these individuals, not getting vaccinated could be less risky than getting the injection. Of course, it is important to note that the experts are cautioning that we don’t yet know the long-term effects of a COVID infection even in someone who has survived it.

It appears that the Biden administration has already realized that their vaccination efforts are slowing down because there are Americans who simply won’t bother to face the needle. The White House provided clues that they weren’t getting the results they desired over the past few weeks as officials lashed out at social media companies for failing to adequately censor posts that did not comport with the Democrat-approved narrative on the coronavirus and vaccines.

It was also revealed that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) plans to pressure wireless companies to throttle bulk text messages that contain supposed “misinformation” on the pandemic. This was yet another sign that Biden’s White House is surging towards another failure. When Democrats start employing the “blame everyone else” strategy, we can be sure they know they are losing.


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