Black Lives Matter Murals Are More Insidious Than You Think

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

I’ve got to hand it to them. The hard left knows how to make it seem as if they care about issues impacting the black community when, in reality, they don’t intend to do much of anything to address them.

Shortly after footage showing the murder of George Floyd went viral, the left went on a virtue-signaling frenzy that is apparently still running strong. High-profile leftists loudly called for justice and condemned the police for disproportionately targeting black people. They even went so far as to call for the defunding, and in some cases, the abolition of law enforcement despite knowing that it would harm black Americans more than anyone else.

Even further, they persuaded Democrat-run cities to fund the painting of murals to further signal their unending virtue. Recently, it was reported that Washington, D.C. plans to make its Black Lives Matter Plaza permanent. According to Black News Channel:

The Black Lives Matter movement has become a central vehicle for fighting for justice in Black culture and beyond, and now, this movement is set to leave an even greater mark, as construction began on Monday to make the Black Lives Matter Plaza a permanent fixture in the nation’s capital.

The District Department of Transportation tweeted an announcement explaining that Black Lives Matter Plaza will become a “permanent installation.”

All of these gestures are another form of deception that the left likes to employ, particularly when it comes to matters pertaining to race. They are “feel good” endeavors that, while seeming to come from a good place, are designed for something more insidious.

These overtures to the black community are not meant to promote a worthy cause – they are meant to distract from the fact that the left does not care about police brutality or any other issues facing the black community. How many of the local governments in which black people are more often subjected to police brutality have passed meaningful reforms since last summer? What is the global Black Lives Matter organization doing to address the issues that lead to crime and raise the likelihood of negative interactions with police?

These people have done little to nothing about this issue because the reality is that they don’t care.

This isn’t to say that absolutely none of these folks wish to make a difference. There are plenty of folks who vote Democrat and who are active in their communities trying to improve the conditions that are detrimental to the advancement of black America. There are even some Democratic politicians that are trying to deal with the root causes of these problems.

But the ones who scream the loudest, the ones who vie for as much camera time as possible and are overly concerned about Twitter followers, are the ones who tout empty gestures like Black Lives Matter Plaza. Instead of digging in and doing the work, they are content with a superficial wink and nod to a black community that continues to grow weary of the apparent refusal on the part of Democratic politicians to deliver real solutions.

The sad reality is that if the left actually became concerned with the plight of too many African Americans and actually developed authentic solutions, a significant number of people would be out of a job. It is like a doctor who poisons his patient while continuing to charge him for the antidote. These people will never offer any real solutions because, in the end, they profit from the disease.

Even worse is the fact that Democrats governing cities with high black populations know they can make these empty gestures with impunity because they don’t have to fear losing votes. The lack of competition from the Republican Party has allowed the Democrats to take black votes for granted knowing that there is no viable alternative. Until the GOP breaks out of its limiting mindset about the black community, these things will not change.


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